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In the world of baseball, a young 17 years old boy is catching all the buzz. Landon Bonneville is just stepping into the world of pro-baseball, and he is already achieving so much.

Humble To The Core

Despite his recognition, you won’t see our rising star catching a break. He doesn’t falter from his goals and ambitions. If you check out his social media, you will see him training regularly. That’s not for show off at all! Landon is dedicated to honing his skills, and his stats make it quite evident. Our American champ has appeared three times in Team-USA Baseball.

He is well-grounded and, somewhere along the lines, gives full credit to his parents. Landon has intense gratitude towards his parents, who support him. Hence, he works diligently in the hope to pay them back one day. It showcases that our pro-baseballer has more than just goals and ambitions on the line. He has his respect and pride of his parents. It will certainly work as the best source of inspiration.

Working Towards A Community

While many teenagers can’t figure out their lives, our rising star has started building a community for himself. Through the power of social media, he is influencing several people. Not only that! He has recognition from Gary Vee and David Wright, whom he highly praises.

If a lesson can be learned here, it’s that you’re never too late to build a strong community. It will never come back to bite you but always produce some fruitful results. These little contributions to community support and social media distinguish him from other prospects.

You Get What You Give

Of course, we can’t overlook his parents’ contribution to nurturing such a wise yet eccentric young talent. His parents have consistently supported him in his dreams. That would explain why Landon has that sense of respect and gratitude towards his parents. He doesn’t get forced to focus on baseball, either! The brilliant athlete is a music lover and practices sound engineering, as seen on Bastille’s show.

It’s evident that Landon has the freedom to do whatever he loves, and his parents support his life path. That’s something other parents can take as inspiration from for their children. If you let your younglings take their flight, they will undoubtedly reach new heights.

We’re sure if you keep track of his social media and growth in life, you will learn something new and better every day! That’s what makes our young baseball prodigy a delight to have around!

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