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Realigning with his purpose brought him to an even better business path and is now sharing his remarkable success to many others.


One of the main reasons why families or individuals move across the world is to start a new life and hope for the best. Some make it big because they are at the right place at the right time while some make it bigger because they just have natural skills and intellect to break out and go for what they know they’ll do great at.


Giuliano Gonzalez was a young teenager from Puerto Varas, Chile who moved to Sydney Australia at the age of 13. Dauntlessly braving the challenges of growing in a foreign country with very little english and no connections, Giuliano weighed his options and decided to pursue a career in sports as a professional football player. Months after understanding his passion while learning to adapt to his new culture and environment, Giuliano decided to consider the advice of a close friend and started a career in the real estate industry.


At first, Giuliano Gonzalez jumped from one agency to another until he finally settled at an elite agency where he learned the importance and the value of customer service, client delivery and doing whatever it takes to be the best of the best. Although things were going well for him, Giuliano decided to take a break from his career and travelled abroad at the age of 23 to re-align himself with his purpose. After 3 months of travel, he returned and decided to pursue the idea of starting his own online business. With no capital and no connections where he could possibly learn from, he started hosting podcasts with his best friend Justin and invited successful entrepreneurs to share their successful tricks and tips on how they made millions.


In just 30 days, Justin and Giuliano did a total of 50 episodes with 5,000 downloads. Getting a taste of this sweet success, Giuliano decided to start his first online business which built and managed podcasts for clients. Gaining favorable success and fame, Giuliano attracted more clients who requested him to create, run and manage other digital marketing services for them. That’s when he decided to expand his company’s services and scope and rebranded it to what we now know Elite Agency Growth – taking entrepreneurs, brands and businesses from being unknown to being known really quick.


December 2020 was the best month for Giuliano. By far, this was the best month in terms of income for him. Ironically, this was also the worst. He lost almost everything due to bad financial decisions. But being the genius entrepreneur and marketing expert that he is, Giuliano quickly pivoted 360 degrees and earned ten times more than his average monthly income in the previous months. This tremendous success led Giuliano to share his secret digital PR strategies to many other clients and is continuously innovating to make sure his campaigns and strategies constantly bring in traction and conversions to all his clients since most demographics and online algorithms change frequently.


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