Hairstyling is a unique industry that has many professionals. It has been a male-dominated field for years, but that is slowly changing. Women are slowly claiming their rightful spot in the industry proving they are also up to the task.  Gillian Garcia  is among the amazing women making a mark in the field of hairstyling with exemplary works.

Gillian Garcia is a New York-based hairstylist, entrepreneur, content creator, educator, and philanthropist making big moves in the hair industry. She has been in the industry since 1993 and has crafted her art perfectly to meet her client’s needs. She is a God-fearing woman and a gospel music lover and prefers putting other person feelings before hers. Gillian Garcia has this special love for doing hair and making women feel special. Her personality and contagious laugh make her stand out in the industry.

Gillian was born in Trinidad and Tobago and attended Vessigny government secondary school. She received her GED from Brooklyn College, and she continues with educational classes. She found her way into the hair industry after her grandmother passed. Her life at that point took a complete turnaround, and she found it hard to find something to cling to. Gillian Garcia admits that she had never dreamt of being a hairstylist and that destiny pushed her in this direction. Today’s success makes her appreciate the journey, and she believes it was her calling and a gift from God.

Gillian Garcia started her hairstyling education in San Fernando at Hair Ann’s hair school and later continued with Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal, and Najah. She did her mastermind classes with Natalie Wedwell, Marissa Peer, and Grant Cordone. She only had $50 when she arrived in New York, and through a series of highs and lows, trials and jubilations, she has been able to achieve her dreams.

She has created a brand that resonates with the New York clientele and seeks to reestablish the old trend of having healthy hair first. Her decision was greatly influenced by the fact that most people had healthy hair when she joined the industry, but that has decreased over the years. Apart from hairstyling services, she offers different hair products with Ju Poppin oil, aka Liquid gold, Ju Poppin vitamin E oil, and Ju Poppin scalp healing mist being among her top-selling products. She sources pure oils from all over the world, which are checked by her raw goods supplier in Canada. The oils are then transported to the US where they are blended.

Far from the hair world, Gillian Garcia is a family woman, which is evident by her love and protection for her children and grandchildren. She is a spiritual, selfless, and free-spirited woman of God who dispenses words of wisdom that touch and transform many souls. Giving back to the community is very important to her. Her down-to-earth character makes her a simple person capable of enjoying any restaurant if there is a grilled salmon on the menu. She is an action movie lover and criminal TV addict which she watches with her nightcap of a cup of ginger tea or glass of Roscato.

You can visit her website to learn more about her services and perhaps book an appointment.

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