Giada World Brand CEO Jade Ramey is Beauty and Social Influence Personified.

You can’t discuss Beauty & Influence without mentioning Beauty & Serial Entrepreneur Jade Ramey.

Social Media has proven to be equivalent if not more impactful than traditional Television in some instances, as many of us are engaged and “logged in” to our social media accounts more often than tuned into Television Programming.

Fortunately, the power of social media has birthed an entire culture of highly-influential individuals across and within every industry, including Comedy, Beauty, Music, Tech, Gaming, Lifestyle, and Spirituality.

Jade Ramey has used her Social Platform to carve out her lane in Beauty through her social presence and an inside look at her process as she builds her Giada World Brand, which will soon premiere!

Celebrity Publicist Chadd Black says:

“Jade Ramey has taken her time with the Giada Brand Build Out, and I can’t wait for the world of beauty and, most importantly, the consumers Jade loves so much to get it in their hands!”

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