Getting Your “Hemp Heat” Just Right — What’s The Best Temp To Vape CBD Hemp?

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Vaping CBD hemp flowers or e-juices is a great way to experience immediate effects and flavors reminiscent of classic cannabis strains. These high-CBD products won’t get users “high,” but they provide CBD’s clear-headed sense of calm after just a few minutes.

Interestingly, many vapers could adjust the flavor and intensity of their CBD experience by using a different temperature setting. Although not every vaporizer allows customers to toggle temps, there are even a few units that let you pre-set your session’s temperature settings.

The temperature you decide to use on your vaporizer will influence how your CBD flowers or extract feels, so it’s worth taking a few moments to consider the best range for you.

Determining Your CBD Vape Temp — Key Factors To Consider

There are a few broad temperature ranges vape fans often use when discussing how to get the most out of CBD hemp. However, before we reveal specific numbers, we need to consider a few variables that will influence your decision.

First off, are you into flavor-chasing or high-intensity hits? Also, do you want discreet puffs or big fat clouds? If you care most about authentic hemp flavor, you’re going to want to keep your vape temp on the low-end. However, those who want to extract more cannabinoids and produce fat clouds will be more interested in higher temps.

The aromatic terpenes in hemp have lower boiling points than cannabinoids like CBD. In fact, CBD has an average boiling temp of 356° F, while most terpenes (e.g., beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and alpha-pinene) reach this threshold well below this temp. Therefore, keeping your temp around the 356° F level won’t destroy as many terpenes as heading into the 400° F range.

For those using CBD e-juices or vape carts, please consider your product’s PG/VG ratio. Generally, the more VG there is, the higher temp you’ll need. VG is a very thick compound with a higher boiling point than PG.

So, What Temp Should People Vape CBD At?

There’s no perfect temperature for vaporizing CBD e-juices or hemp flowers. As mentioned above, 356° F is the “magic number” for bringing CBD to its activation point. Therefore, you should vape slightly above this number to experience CBD’s effects.

If you keep your vape temp in the 356° F range, you’ll experience a more flavorful vape without mega clouds or intensity. Indeed, most vapers consider this “low-end” temp ideal for flavor-chasers and discreet sessions. You may not feel a massive wave of calm from CBD, but it should be a delicious and refreshing vape session.

As you start moving up to 400° F, you’ll enter the “mid-tier” range with better intensity, slightly bigger clouds, but less flavor. If you’re looking for a “best of both worlds” temperature, sticking close to 400° F will most likely suit your preferences.

Lastly, if you heat up towards the 430° F range, you’d better prepare for a substantial hit of CBD and puffier clouds. These hot hits won’t deliver as much in the flavor department, but they tend to be the best option when potency is your top concern and you don’t care about discretion.

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A vaporizer’s temperature can significantly impact CBD hemp or e-juices. However, even the best vaporizer can’t save a sorry-looking stash of hemp flowers. Please always take plenty of time researching the best CBD brands to find e-juices, vape pods, or hemp flowers that have superior potency and purity.

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