GetKicks brings streetwear sneakers into the world of crypto.

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We are always searching for something new and fresh in the world of NFTs. By combining art, passion, and technology, new structures for artistic presentations are created. While leveraging community dynamics and a flexible ecosystem, NFTs allow the creators to be creative without restriction.

GetKicks is a project that allows sneakerheads to seek their true love: sneakers. We want to meet two main goals; Connect the new generation of customers in the sneaker world, provide them a space where they can connect and share their passion, grow a sustainable community, and create a new way to consume art through the creation of an online marketplace, bringing all the best elements of an online shop such as interaction, aesthetic and interactivity.

GetKicks offers a lucrative opportunity for sneakerheads to make money through gameplay by playing an immersive shoe game through gameplay. Users can compete in marathon tournaments and earn tokens which are the currency used in the GetKicks ecosystem. They can get on the top of the leaderboard and get exclusive offers such as shoes, KickBoxes, and accessories. Moreover, they will be able to challenge each other directly in PvP mode, where they can stake tokens against each other.

GetKicks strives to revolutionize Move 2 earn by providing a unique platform that allows sneakerheads to interact and share in an environment designed for their needs. By partnering with the best existing brands in the streetwear and sneaker world, GetKicks enables a unique experience for its users.

The project shows a lot of potentials since it is being developed by a team of artists, creatives, developers, and creators. The project intends to move the world of sneakers through art in a way never seen before. GetKicks to plan to expand beyond the genesis collection. They will empower the earliest backers by letting them utilize valuable assets within their ecosystem through a unique collection. More about the benefits of this unique collection will be announced later after the group has been sold out.

The project is promising since it brings a community-driven project, the ultimate platform for sneakerheads. In addition, the game offers a unique experience for sneakerheads, and it is not only about playing the game but also participating in events and challenges.

Its innovative approach to sneaker culture has not been seen before since it tries to bring aspects of the streetwear industry. In addition to this, the team has an experienced background with members from the worlds of art, fashion, and business. This differentiates their project from other projects in the blockchain space.

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