Get Inspired from the Top 8 Entrepreneurs of 2022 Learn the Ins and Outs of the Post Pandemic Commerce World

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It is not uncommon to see people dreaming of starting their own company and building it into a successful business. A business may be started by anybody, but not all of them will be successful. An opportunity is more than just a concept for a product and goes far beyond just starting a business. It’s a strategy that outlines how a business will entice, keep, and compensate all of its stakeholders, including clients, founders, staff, investors, distributors, and suppliers. Want to know more? Let’s learn from the top eight entrepreneurs of 2022!

  1. Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone is a well-known businessman, motivational speaker, and the proprietor of Cardone Capital, a $1.5 billion investment company. In addition, Cardone is the author of the Axiom Award-winning Sell or Be Sold as well as successful books including If You’re Not First, You’re Last. In addition, he is the creator of Cardone University, the premier platform for sales training. It now has more than 50,000,000 members and is expanding.

Due to the success of his enterprises, Grant Cardone had amassed a million dollar fortune by the age of 30. Despite the fact that his enterprises were profitable, he wasn’t a billionaire only as a result of them. Grant Cardone became successful as a result of his strict money management and millionaire mindset. He would consider himself to be “broke” as soon as he paid himself out of his company’s profits since all of his additional money would go toward down payments on real estate ventures. He continues to follow the same straightforward process that has enabled him to amass almost a billion dollars via his business and investing endeavors. He is now anticipating an increase in his clients in 2022!

  1. Rany Fardiany

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Rany Fardiany is a philanthropist, designer, business manager, specialist in fintech, and serial entrepreneur. She is presently the CEO of Teknologi Cakra International, a premier IT company. She has years of expertise under her belt as a managing director and a track record of success in the education management sector. She has mentored many millennials over the past ten years. She is skilled in management, digital marketing, information security, training, eCommerce, and creative creating

Rany and her team quickly came to the conclusion that they required a separate firm to meet the constantly expanding market demands while they were employed by Teknologi Cakra International and in charge of its high level management. Entrepreneurs may find reliable industry-specific business information with the aid of Interconnect Data. It gives you reliable data and information at every stage, enabling you to accomplish your business goals more quickly. In essence, it offers thorough information on startups, public and private businesses, business partners, and specialists pertinent to your requirements and interests. It acts as a matchmaker between a business, its partner(s), the experts, and job searchers to obtain real-time, authentic data and analytics from large, precise databases.

  1. Shahrez Hayder

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 Shahrez Hayder is an entrepreneur with humble beginnings. After dropping out of college, he wanted to make it on his own. With that mission in mind, he found himself homeless sleeping on the streets. “I woke up on the sidewalk one morning with a bag of food next to me, that was my breaking point”, he explains.

Today, Shahrez works with his team to launch successful businesses and brands in record time. He does this using advanced sales and marketing strategies in addition to implementing systems to scale.

His PR business Authority Sharks helps accelerate his clients’ brands by getting them featured on top publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Inc, etc.

“Social Proof in addition to irresistible marketing and sales will amplify any business and transform it into a brand. When people are on the fence to buy from our clients and they see the ‘as seen in’ section, BOOM – it makes it a no brainer for their customers.” Shahrez affirms.

Practicing what he preaches, he has been seen in multiple publications including a top spot in an article featuring the Top 10 Marketing Experts on Yahoo Finance.

To learn more or get in touch with Shahrez, you can follow him on all social platforms – @shahrezhayder

  1. Dennis Koutoudis

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Dennis Koutoudis is a globally recognised LinkedIn Strategist, an International Best-Selling Author with “The Superpower of Online Networking” and the Host of “The Ask Dennis Show”. Dennis who has currently approximately 4 million people following him on Social Media, has launched his business since 2015 while he holds an MBA in Banking & Corporate Finance. His business, LinkedSuperPowers Group, uses cutting-edge and immediate result bringing superpower hacks, expert authoring, professional design, and smart SEO to enhance clients’ LinkedIn presence and optimise their utilisation of the LinkedIn platform. They also work with businesses from all over the world, regardless of size, and assist those in outperforming their peers whether they’re looking to attract more clients, investors or ideal employees.

He believes that the founder should always be available to provide his team with the necessary strategic guidance as required. After serving as a social media marketing director for various companies from different industries for many years, he founded LinkedSuperPowers in 2015 after learning everything there was to know about LinkedIn and putting several LinkedIn methods to use for the businesses he had been working for.

Dennis asks from all the aspiring entrepreneurs, “What do you believe is the founder’s role in the firm as it grows and hires additional employees? What should he strive to do personally and what should he try to delegate?

  1. Abdullah Raaj

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The founder of the international digital marketing firm Ventures Bite is Abdullah Raaj. He is a seasoned businessman who specializes in marketing and development, and his peers refer to him as a “marketing specialist.” Abdullah is very knowledgeable about SEO. He claims that when you have a basic understanding of what digital marketing entails, the next step is to learn SEO and develop into an SEO specialist. It’s crucial to understand how to optimize a website for search engines since SEO is essential to the success of a digital marketing effort.

According to Abdullah, instead of giving in to short-term ambitions, utilize them as stepping stones to learn how to accomplish significant, long-term goals. You need to stop worrying so much about how many direct sales a post brought in because the majority of the material you produce for your company should be written to grab attention. Your content should answer problems for your target audience, establish their loyalty to you, and help them remember you. Don’t chase after spotty increases in no-return sales because your efforts will all add up to something bigger.

Even if you offer the greatest goods or services available, a strong brand is still necessary. Incorporating a sense of their mission, story, and values into their marketing and communications is something that new firms should do. Before deciding on a name and a story that correspond with their goal and product, Abdullah contends that the most successful companies are those that clearly explain their foundation narrative. As per Abdullah, developing your SEO abilities will also make it simpler to use additional web marketing strategies. Although it is increasingly probable that you will have dedicated SEO professionals on your team, you will still need to manage them as a digital marketing expert, and the best way to accomplish this is to have practical SEO expertise.

  1. Ben Phelps

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Ben Phelps (@benbphelps) is the CEO of Emagine Content and Co-Executive Producer for On Smoother Dirt, starring Andy Garcia. Ben began his career at Credence Entertainment working with mentor Tom Klassen of ICM Partners. Ben subsequently launched Emagine Content in 2018 and recently launched Emagine Artists Agency in London, in addition to Emagine Sports Management representing athletes and fitness influencers. Emagine Content’s Originals division is headed by Producer Kimberly Boyd and Emagine works with major global IPs, including Nigerian superheroes and Japanese anime. Emagine Content is currently working in collaboration with major studios.

Ben is an early adopter of Web3, having recently launched ‘Web3 Entertainment’, using cryptocurrencies to finance some of Hollywood’s biggest hit movies. Ben’s partners at Web3 Entertainment are based out of Los Angeles, London, and Dubai: Kimberly Boyd, Producer of Into the Badlands and The Shannara Chronicles, MDX Crypto (@mdxcrypto), one of the world’s leading crypto YouTubers and trading gurus as well as Josh Abbott (@josh.abbott__), an entrepreneur and international consultant having worked for Uber in their early days and Antler, the venture capital firm that now has around $500m in AUM.

  1. Vadim Finayev

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The internet is a noisy place. Between Kanye’s Tweets, dancing dogs on TikTok and Kim K‘s scandals on Instagram, business owners vainly try to get the attention of their audience. Information-Overload, continuously arising trends and one social media platform copying the other, makes our attention spans shrink to microscopic measures. In this world marketers have to be able to adapt their strategies accordingly. This is a job that needs ongoing skill, development and training.

The Founder and CEO of, Vadim Finayev, shows agents, consultants and service providers in the United Arab Emirates how to systematically attract new customers by hijacking their attention online and become a go-to-authority for their audience.

In the last 9 years the demand for‘s consulting services have grown exponentially and helped more than 1,000+ entrepreneurs in Europe, USA and the Middle East generating over 200+ Million Dollars in extra sales for their business.

The success of Vadim‘s clients is based on his ability to identify problems, create clarity, and come up with practical and lasting solutions based on the never-changing laws of human psychology.

With Vadim and his team, you can now scale your business as an agent, consultant or service provider, as has now officially opened a new waitlist for their services.

  1. Alessandro Lamburghini

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Alessandro Lamburghini was born in Rome on June 6, 1997. After high school journey he entered the world of e-commerce and changed his life.  His motto is: “Everything is possible, the important thing is to commit and achieve its goal”. It all began in 2018, with small online sales that allowed him to generate small revenues to establish a real company afterwards.

You may be able to launch a company on the strength of an excellent concept, but to manage it, you must be familiar with the functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing, and production. You must possess the abilities of a salesperson, a decision-maker, and a planner. Just after a year, he decided to leave the other errands he used to run and dedicated himself completely to his online stores; dropshipping and selling digital products. IIn a few months he managed to generate profits of over 30k euros per month gathering a staggering 1 million euros in a year.

According to Alessandro, when you own a company, you are the company. You must be passionate about what you do if you’re willing to invest the time and effort required to turn a concept into a profitable business. You should have a strong sense of personal devotion to your company and have faith in what you’re doing. He currently lives in Italy but often travels around the world, especially to Dubai, being a lover of luxurious life and supercars. He has several stores that generate sales every day. Another very profitable business of Alessandro is of private mentorships, for both private individuals and entrepreneurs where he teaches them about structuring an online store and establishing it in the world of dropshipping. To date, Alessandro has written several successful books on Amazon.

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