By Ryan Deto

30-year-old Latino Gary Moreno was found dead on February 5 in the 200 block of Avalon Boulevard, less than a mile from the Port of Los Angeles.

LAPD officers discovered Moreno lying in an alley with a severe stab wound to his chest and abrasions on his face, arm and side. A resident witnessed a white car run over Moreno before driving away, according to officials.

Moreno was taken to a hospital shortly after his discovery, where he was pronounced dead.

The Los Angeles Times reported investigators at the time were unsure whether the suspect that drove over Moreno was the same person who stabbed him.

Authorities at the time were also looking into an aggravated assault and robbery that occurred close by to determine if the two cases had any correlation.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the LA Weekly's archive of all homicides within Los Angeles city limits was discontinued near the end of last year. We will be rolling out the 2011 homicides, one by one, until our “Murder was the Case” archive is up to date. Thanks for your patience.

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