Gary Chivichyan made significant strides when he became the first Armenian nominated for the ESPN ESPY’s award

The NBA is undoubtedly the most popular basketball league in the world. A player’s league, where jersey sales are a part of its branding and tradition. Superstars like Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Luka Doncic account for the top-selling jerseys. Once in a blue moon, we would see players like Jeremy Lin become a fan favorite. “Linsanity” took over, and the Lins surname was on every New York Knick Jersey purchased. This year, a similar event occurred for the LA Clippers G league affiliate, The name? Gary Chivichyan.

Chivichyan, a guard for the AC Clippers (affiliate of the Los Angeles Clippers), made significant strides when he became the first Armenian nominated for the ESPN ESPY’s award. Chivichyan finished 4th all-time in Idaho State Universities’ three-point field goals and led the Pacific Tigers to a 23 game winning season as the second-leading scorer. He broke numerous NCAA shooting records and garnered the attention of many NBA teams. The Minnesota Timberwolves G League Affiliate Iowa Wolves drafted Chivichyan (Second round, pick #7) in the 2021 NBA G league draft.

Chivichyan later signed with the Clippers following training camp and immediately became a fan favorite. Due to his presence on and off the court, the AC clippers sold thousands of tickets for their home games at the Toyota Center in Ontario, California, breaking every attendance record. Following demand from thousands of fans, the Clippers decided to do the inevitable, selling Chivichyan’s G league jersey to the public, an unprecedented decision and one that has never been done before for an NBA G league player. The decision paid off as jerseys are selling at a rapid rate. The website for the AC Clippers has Chivichyan’s jersey up for sale for an official NBA price of $100 per jersey. They recently posted on their social media, “The wait is over! Get your authentic, game-worn Gary Chivichyan jersey on our mobile ordering website NOW”.

He was the first Armenian nominated for an ESPY’s award, the first Armenian drafted into the NBA G League, and now the first Armenian to have his jersey sold in the NBA and its affiliate organizations. The Clippers organization plans on having Chivichyan as a valued member of their team. They are aware of his skills on the court, his prowess as a shooter and scorer, and the value he brings to the basketball team. They are also mindful of the positive image amongst the clipper fans and communities.

“I am a minority in this sport and have accomplished a great deal just in my first year. From being the first Armenian to be drafted after a successful college career, overcoming the hurdles of the pandemic, signing with a professional organization, to being one of the very few NBA G league players who is having their jersey sold online,” Gary explains.

With a profound passion for the game, Gary works hard every day to become a better version of himself. His plans include playing in the NBA summer league tournament and preparing for his second season in the NBA G League. He envisions a prosperous future as an integral part of the team’s success. There is a wide belief that Chivichyan will be a significant player for the Clippers organization moving forward on and off the court.

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