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AI has revolutionized the world and created waves by harnessing big data by powering people’s lives over the years. Algorithms are empowering the world with what needs to be done. AI has created various amazing tools and has put useful resources at our fingertips. AI industry is the fastest-growing among all this is because of the people that strive each day to bring advancements in this field to make the world a better place.

Among the many technologically driven individuals, there is Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka. He has been in the industry for more than 22 years and is an expert in machine learning. He is a data science leader, author, and premier speaker with expertise in machine learning, cloud computing, aerospace, and IoT Edge computing. Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka has given multiple speeches on manufacturing IoT sensors and geospatial platforms with reinforcement learning in the military aerospace industry with algorithms that handle swarms of drones, airborne electronic attack capabilities, unmanned ground vehicles, high-precision missiles, reinforcement learning with next-gen Jet Fighters at VentureBeat conference.

Adding Value to the Field of Machine Learning and AI

Ganapathi had been inclined toward technology from a young age, from programming language design to computer CPU construction. He was different from others because he had already decided his goal in life and was determined to achieve it. His career began from his University education, where he graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree in 1997.

Academia had always been a major passion of his life, which is why he aced as an analytics wizard from the University of California and obtained a Ph.D. in Business administration, information systems, data analytics, and Enterprise Resource Management from Irvine in 2015 with a GPA of 4.0/4.0.

The research scholar received his second Postdoc degree, Doctor of Philosophy in computer science, engineering, machine learning, and big data analytics, from Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO, in 2017 with a GPA of 4.0/4.0.

He did a specialized dissertation, ‘In-Memory Computing to Resolve Biggest Business Conundrums,’ in his first Ph.D. for two years and completed postdoctoral coursework with a second specialized dissertation, ‘Deep Learning Frameworks in High-performance Computing Environments.” This is an original scientific computer science and machine learning research on which he spent more than a year. It is peer-reviewed by the Colorado Chair of Doctor of Computer Science.

As an AI Expert 

As a learned individual and scholar in AI, Dr. Ganapathi has presented his research papers and projects on AI and IoT Sensors for Aerospace Industry at the world’s largest IoT conference.

Ganapathi Pulipaka has in-depth expertise on FPGA processors and reinforcement learning with IIoT Deep-Q-Learning on-device processing. He has demonstrated a project with FPGA RL product at the DataSciConnect conference. He has further presented his expertise with a research paper in reinforcement learning algorithms and mathematics with Bellman equations at the IDEAS conference.

As a Data Scientist

As a Chief AI HPC Scientist, he has in-depth experience on HPC in-memory computing platforms. He has demonstrated his expertise by presenting a research paper on Mathematical frontiers of In-memory computing and high-performance computing at the world’s leading in-memory computing provider Gridgain at the IMC Summit for 2020.

As an expert in Computer Science and having specialized in the field of Robotics, he has served as a keynote speaker at the Aver Robotics conference in 2020 with another research paper in Robotics. He delivered a speech on advanced systems for Robotics.  Ganapathi Pulipaka is a Chief Data Scientist and Chief AI HPC Scientist at DeepSingularity.

He has also presented the critical aspects in the field of machine learning and data science as a pioneer on a Data Science Decisioning podcast, Data convergence podcast, and SoLead Saturday Podcast.

As an Author

Being an avid reader and researcher, Dr. Pulipaka has authored 400 AI research papers. He wanted to share his knowledge and learnings that he had gathered over the years through his writing. So, he released his first book ‘Big Data Appliances for In-Memory Computing: A Real-World Research Guide for Corporations to Tame and Wrangle Their Data, in 2015 and his second book,’ ‘The Future of Data Science and Parallel Computing: A Road to Technological Singularity’ in 2018. Both of his books received a great response from the audience and were one of the best-selling ones.

As an Academic Professor

In addition to his expertise in machine learning project implementations and presentations of his research papers, he is also a part of the machine learning faculty at QuickStart Intel. He has partnered with Becker College, NortheasternUniversity, Florida Atlantic University, Colorado State University at Pueblo, Hofstra University, James Madison University. He delivers educational programs on machine learning, cloud computing, mathematics, and statistics.

Using the Media Power to Spread His Knowledge

Dr. Pulipaka is very much aware of the power of social media to this day. So, he maintains a machine learning community on Twitter with over 100K followers that are rapidly growing with a loyal cult-like following with his finest tweets on the planet. He also has a YouTube channel for educating the audience on YouTube. He regularly publishes articles and blogs on Medium, Github, and various other magazines.

In addition to this, Dr. Pulipaka was inducted into the prestigious ‘Marquis Who’s Who’ in America Biographical Registry 2020 in ‘Marquis Who’s Who’ biographical volumes. This was an honorary moment for Dr. Pulipaka as Marquis’ Who’s Who distributes the biographies to 115,000 libraries in the US and selects the individuals on unbiased criteria.

Dr. Pulipaka has also been rated by Onalytica as a top IIoTleader for 2020. He has aslo secured the 1st position as Machine Learning influencer for the year 2021 by Agilience, a renowned authority index.

With more than twenty years of experience and 32 project implementations, Dr. Pulipaka is also the recipient of the Top 50 Tech visionaries Award from the Intercon Conference for 2021 for mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. He was recently named among the Top 50 Technology Leaders in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Mathematics, and Statistics by Intercon Conference in 2019.

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