Gangs of L.A.

Readers were riveted by Sam Quinones' tale of Pancho Real, a Glassell Park crime lord who testified against his family and former partners (“Killer Turned Snitch,” Sept. 5).

But Franky Lamouche wasn't buying Quinones' description of Real's former stomping grounds: “Quinones calls Drew Street 'neglected.' I did a drive-by and found it standard northeast L.A.” So now we're inspiring drive-bys?

Les Hammer wants to talk about money. “Does anyone in the press ever feel sorry for taxpayers in immigration-related stories like this? Drew Street matriarch Maria Leon reportedly had 13 children (several of whom became involved in drug dealing and immigrant smuggling) by four different men. Who paid for their education, housing and medical care until they were 18? Who picked up the tab when they were funneled through the criminal justice system? The reputed snitch, 'Pancho' Real, will live in protective custody [when] he gets out of prison. Too bad that there is no protective custody for taxpayers.

A Box of Chocolates

Amy Nicholson's revisionist take on Forrest Gump left readers sharply divided (“We Need to Talk about Forrest Gump,” Sept. 5). Writes Zfedell, “Who hates Forrest Gump? You have no soul.

Chris Byers agrees, writing, “You disgust me. Everything has to be twisted and turned to fit your moronic lib-tard narrative. … Not qualified enough to provide political commentary, you hide your drivel in movie reviews. In the end it is YOU that has nothing to say.

RedDog tries to analyze why Nicholson's review got people so angry: “People watch this movie and see it for the fun, lively fable that it is. … It's a very enjoyable film. Yet when someone questions it, its fans assume that the questioner is angry. Why else would they dislike such a beloved film?

“I think the reasoning Nicholson laid out is pretty clear. Another take: Jenny is the bird ('I wish I was a bird so I could fly far.'). She flies and creates her own path, flying to places where people are speaking out against the establishment, and is rewarded in life with AIDS. A pretty horrible way to go.

“Forrest is the feather. He floats around and wherever he lands, he succeeds. He becomes wealthy, meets practically everyone in history and succeeds at everything he attempts without knowing it. Again, question authority, get AIDS. Be dumb and do what you're told and the world is yours.


Last week's story about electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack (“Electronic Outsider“) got one thing wrong: Eenie Meenie Records was the producer of Dimension Mix. Stones Throw, whom we credited, was merely the distributor. We regret the error.

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