Non Fungible Token (NFT) Technology, check.  Blockchain Payment Process and Point of Sale(POS) Technology, check.  NFT Gaming Metaverse technology on the blockchain? Just another day at the office for Phil Gallina.

Already known throughout the space for continually pushing the envelope with blockchain technology, Phil Gallina is bringing it all together with his new gaming metaverse Ozura.  Already starting to pick up steam in the space people far and wide are seeing the opportunities in the gaming space as it relates to Blockchain technology. 

Like the race to space captivated the entire world.  The race to blockchain gaming supremacy has already started to captivate those in the Crypto space. Gallina has already been in the works on his Ozura project for months before it was even a whisper on the lips of many throughout the crypto space.

Forked off the popular gaming blockchain Enjin.  Ozura aims to create a gaming experience like no other.  People are already familiar with the pay to play space for video games across popular gaming platforms like Steam.  Gallina flips that on its head by creating a Get Paid To Play style with his Ozura platform. 

Ozura will not only have games of it’s own that allow people to play on and unlock achievements. It will also allow other developers to develop their own games to load into the Ozuraverse as Gallina calls it.  This will create an open source type platform that will allow all types of creative endeavors to test out their ideas while all users earn money while playing these games.

If that weren’t enough Gallina will tap into other forms of technology he has created in the NFT space to further incentivize individuals to use the platform.  Through the commercialization of not only Ozura, Gallina will also layer in his other technology to allow businesses to advertise inside and outside of Ozura.  Incentivizing players in the Ozuraverse to play certain games and complete missions to win exclusive prizes.  While also incentivizing them to patronize participating sponsors at their physical sites both on and off line.  A revenue model completely unheard of in the advertising industry as it leverages technology not commonly seen in the general public. 

Like other pieces of technology Gallina has created, Ozura promises to be the crown jewel of his ever going stable of blockchain technology.  One could look at Ozura as a capstone of Gallina’s projects as it leverages nearly every aspect of technology he has created to date. This should come as no surprise to those who know Gallina as pushing the boundaries of tech has become his calling card. 

While not open to the general public, whispers of Ozura’s growing capabilities have started to grow louder throughout the investment space as Gallina on a near daily basis fields overtures from investors eager to get involved with the project.

What the future holds for Ozura is unknown. Though one thing we know for certain is that with Gallina and his team behind the project it’s sure to be one that turns heads throughout the Gaming Metaverse.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for further developments on the Ozura project as they are made known to the public at large. 

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