GAIT-TECH’s insole device for heels relieves pain and prevents injuries 

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The value of the high heels market amounted to approximately $34.1 billion in 2019, and it is expected to rise to $42.7 billion by 2024. However, high heels can take a heavy toll on the feet. From forefoot injuries and sprained ankles to posture and gait problems, wearing high heels place a constant strain on the muscles, bones, and tissues in the feet and ankles, resulting in chronic foot pain or sudden injuries that may even require surgery.

Several theories arose as to why women wear high heels. Whether high heels give women a more feminine gait, the belief that men have an evolved preference for women with a particular lumbar curvature, or being worn as a form of romantic signaling by women, all studies suggest women wear high heels to appear more aesthetically appealing.

However, the discomfort in high heels is an issue. Wearing high heels places all of the wearer’s weight on the front of the foot, placing extreme pressure on the ends of the metatarsal bones and the joints between the toes and feet, which leads to injuries. It is no wonder that women end up preferring flat, comfortable shoes in their daily life.

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Solutions to the issues plaguing those who wear high heels include changing the placement of the heel, reducing its height, taping the toes, using insoles, or reducing the time spent wearing them. Biomechanics company GAIT-TECH introduces its patented device integrated into the insole of high heels. The biomechanical device is the first of its kind, inserted during the manufacturing stage to redistribute pressure on the ground, cushion the impact, and make high heels more comfortable without compromising their aesthetic design.

Based on 45 years of research and in-depth studies, the device was named the best disruptive start-up by the European Fund for Regional Development of both EU and Italy in 2021 and 2022 and received an official certificate from MD Ph.D. Roberto Bevoni from the Orthopedic Institute Rizzoli Bologna. The device is made to improve the sustainability of human health, posture, and gait through the comfort of high heels.

GAIT-TECH’s solution to high heels is made of recycled polymer, and it relieves pressure on the foot metatarsal boon in order to provide a healthier and more stable gait when the foot is verticalized in plantar flexion. 

“Shoes with heels have always represented the best in terms of image, sensuality, and femininity, but at the same time, they have always been synonymous with discomfort and pain when worn for a long period of time,” said Andrea Goldoni, Co-Founder and CEO of GAIT-TECH. “The GAIT-TECH insole solution provides an experience of comfort and balance never felt on heels before, allowing women to wear shoes with better cushioning and less pain involved.”

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