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Many artists focus on one genre, so as to master that style of music and be known in that arena. They stick to traditional sounds and conventions in the genre instead of reinventing it with something more unique. However, there are artists out there who break the mold and defy the norms present in the music industry. Brettina is one such artist.

Brettina is a rising jazz artist born in the capital city of Nassau, Bahamas. Fusing traditional jazz and Caribbean tones, Brettina creates sounds like waves that wash over its listeners. She brings her listeners to another dimension, and her original and refreshing sound appeals to jazz purists and younger audiences who are usually drawn to contemporary mainstream music.

Thriving in the music industry purely with talent, Brettina once again proved her artistry on her long-awaited sophomore project. Venturing classic jazz, world music, and Caribbean rhythms. Brettina collaborated with Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer G’harah Degeddingseze, co-writer/vocal producer Patricia Battani and world-renowned recording Engineer Al Schmitt. Producing the catchy viral single ‘Simple Pleasures’ and uplifting single entitled ‘Bop Baiye’, many fans felt the desire to play the music on repeat and enjoy life. Also released on the four-song Ep titled ‘New Day’ is the sultry song ‘Low’ and the declaration song ‘New Day’.

Brettina is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. Establishing a style that provides a unique listening experience and bringing an organic and refreshing sound to the young, mid and seasoned, Brettina’s masterpieces cater to all generations bringing them together to appreciate once-in-a-lifetime artistry.

A naturally talented artist in the music industry, Brettina is following the footsteps of her multitalented uncles. From being the funk, RnB, Soul Group that was signed to Capitol Records, and becoming the first Bahamian group to gain international and mainstream appeal, the T-Connection. Her Uncles helped set Brettina’s music career, and she hopes to carry that baton as she pursues her passion.

At a very young age, Brettina already realized the beauty of being different. She did not see herself being happy about identifying with the societies’ standards for beauty, talent, and art. Being different is not a bad thing. She carved her own path to success, and she courageously ventured on the journey she created for herself. At the end of the day, she became someone who she wanted to be. Building an identity of her own, she loved her own unique self, which has now been more than appreciated by people from all over the world.

Endlessly working to become an international touring artist, Brettina defies the standards in the music industry. Forming a new face of jazz! She continues to make influential changes in the music world.

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