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How To Get $25 or more in Free DogeCoin

My name is Ben,  I AM NOT a financial advisor and anything you read in this article you should consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.  That being said, I’m an entrepreneur, I own a successful CBD company and I’m working on some other things. I’ve made my millions, but in no way will I say that I’m a master at crypto.

With that being said I’ve made some mistakes with crypto, and the biggest mistake I’ve made, is my poor choice of app I used to buy and sell my crypto.

Think about choosing the app you’ll buy and sell with like weighing the pros and cons of choosing a credit card. Some cards have good rewards and some do not. The same goes for crypto platforms.

Some apps only support only a few types of crypto.

Some charge high fees. Some charge deposit fees.

I’ve been on a few platforms to sell crypto and they all charge fees to deposit, sell, and transfer crypto.

The fees! This is where I got bit in the ass every time.  Since I buy and sell different coins depending on the market, sometimes I’ll need to move money from a non-moving coin to one with some volatility (movement).

You can get around the deposit fees on most crypto trading apps by doing an ACH or bank wire, but the other fees are always there.

Best apps for buying & selling crypto


The best app I have found by far is Crypto.com, which offers tons of cash back rewards. They pay these rewards back in crypto which you can immediately sell for fiat (another name for cash in the crypto world).

Amazing benefits of Crypto.com

Crypto Connected Debit Card –  

If you have crypto in your account and have applied for a Crypto.com debit card

Up To 8% Cashback on all debit card purchases – 

Free Doge Coin

CRO Stake vs Cashback Rewards

  • Stake $400,000 for 180 days and earn 8%  cash back on debit purchases
  • Stake $40,000 for 180 days and earn 5% cash back on debit purchases
  • Stake $4,000 for 180 days and earn 3% cash back on debit purchases

When you sign up for a Crypto.com account you will be given the option to get a free debit card. Just like traditional banks the more money you hold as an average balance, the better rewards you get on your account.  If you don’t decide to buy any CRO, you can still get the card and use it your but your rewards just won’t be great.

Earn up to 10% Cashback on gift card purchases

Before I go shopping anywhere, I make sure I buy all the gift cards I can on this app.  Amazon, Airbnb, Ebay, Starbucks, and Whole Foods are some of the gift cards I purchase on a regular basis. Think about the purchases you make, and take a look at your bank statements for places where you spend a lot of money. If you spend an average of $500 a month at Whole Foods, it’s probably a good idea to just buy the gift cards before making the trip. If you have a stake in CRO, your cash back earning on gift cards will be higher.

Earn 5% cash back when you send money to a friend.

You can only earn up to $5 a month doing this but it’s a cool way to pay a friend in crypto and get them started. Next time you lose a $100 bet pay them in crypto and you’ll only be losing $95 instead of $100.

Transfer within the platform with 0% fees.

Sometimes you may get the urge to jump on a popular coin and will want to transfer your balance from one coin to another quickly. Every other platform I’ve been on charges a fee to transfer the crypto into another coin. And on some platforms, you have to sell the coin at a lower price than the ticker, and when you buy back in your paying fees also.

Free Streaming Apps  –

Because I’m a Jade Green card holder I get to enjoy the benefits of free Spotify & Netflix as well as 3% cash back. I’ll probably stake 40 next month to a 5% cash back plan that also give me free Amazon Prime.

How To Get Your $25 in Free DogeCoin

Step 1. Start a crypto.com account  Start your account and fund it with at least $400. Your first 30 days of debit/credit card deposits into your account are surcharge free. For investors wishing to make larger deposits, use the wire transfer or ACH payment method to fund your account. Click here and enter your email to start your account. 

Step 2. Stake the $400 in your CRO account for 180 days. This means that you will no have access to this $400 for 6 months, but you will however get to start enjoying all the benifits of having a Crypto.com debit card.

Step 3. Convert CRO to DodgeCoin – After you have successfully funded your account and have your card ordered, you will get a push notification stating there is CRO in your account this amount will equal $25. You will need to convert this to DogeCoin.

Thats it you’re done.

If you have enjoyed this article and learned something make sure to head over to the Frugal Millionaire Blog and check out tons of other ways to make your money work for you.

Make your money work for you or you will lose it.  – Frugal Millionaire

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