From Serial Entrepreneur to Venture Capitalist, Pranav Arora Is Acing Many Roles

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A business venture goes beyond creating the right product or finding your target audience. It is about an innovative idea that has the potential to thrive in the long run. It is also about an entrepreneur’s burning desire to succeed despite a series of challenges that threaten the business’s growth. Pranav Arora, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and venture capitalist, believes that the approach to business needs to change globally to see more innovative ideas turning into successful business ventures. At 27, he has more than 35 exclusive investment portfolios helping new ventures find their ground.

Pranav started his entrepreneurial journey at 16, creating his million-dollar business. Born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Pranav developed the skill set needed for business and an entrepreneurial drive quite early in life. He even dropped out of Akron University to follow his passion for the business world. Pranav is most recognized as the chairman of JMTD Holdings and a board member of the Arora Foundation.

Over the years, Pranav has made his mark in several areas of businesses across different industries, such as e-commerce, technology, healthcare, fitness, and finance, to name a few. He is currently leading more than 18 companies. Among them is NFT Merch, which he founded and presently serves as the CEO. Pranav is also the CEO at Stunned Mind and the COO at DeciphAR. He is also guiding his parent company Just Funky, a renowned manufacturer of private labels for retail. Pranav has also served as the president of Kingsley Products.

JMTD Holdings is a private equity firm that specializes in providing growth capital to potential start-ups. As an investor, Pranav has helped many budding start-ups become giants through JMTD Holdings. Some big companies he has invested in include Magic, Rebag, Strive, and Patreon. As a seasoned investor, Pranav only invests in business ideas that align with his entrepreneurial policies. He knows when to boost an idea with his proven strategies to fuel its growth and when to walk out on a deal.

Pranav follows the tried and tested buy-small, sell-big investment approach. So, he holds on to every start-up until it grows into a giant corporation. His entrepreneurial approach is all about creating opportunities for everyone involved. As a successful under-30 investor, Pranav is leveraging his knowledge and expertise to educate and mentor people who desperately want a successful career in business.

Like many others, the journey to success as an entrepreneur and investor has been a rough road forPranav. He, too, faced losses and failures but emerged wiser with every challenge. He turned his losses into learning opportunities to grow. As an advisor to start-ups, Pranav wants to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to never give up on accomplishing their goals no matter what comes their way. There will be setbacks, but what counts is how they are faced or dealt with.

Besides his entrepreneurial ventures and investment portfolio, Pranav is also a philanthropist. He donates thousands of dollars through his non-profit, Just Funky Foundation, to create opportunities for students across the country. The foundation also works on numerous causes, including healthcare, education, and poverty eradication.

Pranav Arora has already become a social media influencer for his remarkable achievements as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and venture capitalist. He wants to continue investing in promising business ideas while helping create value with unique strategies.

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