Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicon Valley is home to numerous start-up companies in the tech world. The area is globally known for the many tech giants established and headquartered there, among them Google, Netflix, and Facebook. To date, the region continues to dominate the technology world with its high-tech innovations and advancements. It is also home to some of the highest paying tech jobs in the world, attracting the best brains from all over.

Bilal Junaid, a Mechatronics Engineer, is one of the many investors drawn into Silicon Valley. Bilal is the founder of a venture capital firm in the Valley. He is taking the industry by storm with his creative and innovative mind. He has invested over $30 million in various startups and tech companies in the US, EU, and Asia. Bilal’s interest is blockchain, AR/VR, among other interesting technologies.

Bilal works with the best VCs in Silicon Valley. He also involves himself with some of the top trading desks globally in the digital assets space, some of which are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York. With a mindset to create and identify opportunities in the tech world, Bilal is on the board of a few technology companies such as APY Finance.

His entrepreneurial expertise makes him a great asset to many of the start-ups in the Valley. Bilal offers professional advice and mentorship to many start-ups to help them grow and scale in business. A digital nomad, Bilal has found himself traversing the world helping businesses unlock their potential. Bilal loves his career and enjoys living wherever he wants in the world while working from the comfort of his computer.

Bilal’s professional background is unique. He started at Amazon Web Services, working in distributed systems. He then spent more than four years working as a Senior Engineer for Prezi, a top VC funded startup.

An ambitious entrepreneur and investor, Bilal was quick to learn and understand the venture capital industry’s dynamics. He foresaw an investment opportunity and started his own venture capital  firm. Bilal has invested in more than 120+ companies that include Polkadot, FTX, Solana, APY Finance, Manta Network, Claystack, and others. His ambition is to continue to dominate the tech world, particularly in Silicon Valley.

Bilal’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is working to his advantage in the industry. He can identify new startups in the tech world. His focus is on startups with new and exciting ventures in the right industry.

Having come from a middle-class family with little interest in technology, he has established a successful career.  Bilal encourages everyone to hold on to their dreams. All dreams can be realized and what matters is the vision bearer. Hard work, focus, and desire to learn are essential guiding principles to success.

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