From Rico Nasty to Hard-Ons: The 159th LA Weekly playlist, reviewing the musicians that we’ve been writing about all week, is live now. There’s electronic music from Victor Calderone, video game music from Winifred Phillips and Chase Bethea, hip-hop from grouptherapy and Rico Nasty, pop from Ariana Grande, punk from the Hard-Ons and the Saints, metal from Sepultura and Anthrax, and so much more. Find us on Spotify here,or on Soundcloud here.Don’t forget to “Like” the playlists and “Follow” the profiles.

Winifred Phillips Photo by Winnie Waldron

Winifred Phillips (Winnie Waldron)

From Rico Nasty to Hard-Ons

Also this week:

In our gamer music print story, composer Winifred Phillips said, “Composing for video games is really about thinking outside the box. Instead of composing a linear piece of music that has a specified beginning, middle and end, you’re creating music in component parts that can be disassembled on the fly by the game engine and then reassembled into lots of different configurations depending upon what the player’s doing at any given time. It’s gotten more and more complex and responsive as the years have gone on, and now there are lots of different methodologies for the interactive implementation of music. In my book A Composer’s Guide to Game Music, I go into a lot of detail regarding the different methods of implementation.”

In “Not Another DJ,” Victor Calderone said, “When I first launched MATTER+ back in 2015 I did not have a team helping me run the label. It became overwhelming and I could not give it the attention it required so I decided to pause it. I now feel I have a great team in place, and I’ve also brought my cousin Avision on board to help curate and run the label. The timing to relaunch MATTER+ feels right. I’ve been back in the studio quite a lot collaborating with both my cousin and long-time studio partner MYKOL. We have a lot of new music ready to help with the launch.”















































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