From Repulsive Party Photographer To Multi-Millionaire

Kirill Bichutsky was best known for taking inappropriate photos of half naked women at his parties where hoards of women would show up just for a chance to get sprayed in the face with Champagne by the infamous photographer. He was idolized by a few but considered a joke by most of his detractors. I guess nobody is laughing now.

Kirill just sold his shock brand ASSHOLES LIVE FOREVER to 1 of the largest retailers in America. The deal is reported to be 8 figures and will take the brand to malls across the United States. The brand has teased a minor name change to make the brand more palatable for malls across the US. Expect to see the new brand roll out to stores everywhere this summer.

What Kirill will do next with his new found fortune is anyone’s guess at this point. One thing is for sure though. Nobody will be laughing this time.

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