From prison to Worldstar: Ross Taxin tells his story of beating the odds

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Many listeners from 2017-2019 may know him as Rossaford Bennett II, but after a  stint at Fayette County Detention Center, Ross Taxin was born! A brand new artist was found in a 3×3 jail cell in a cot. The name was created on a piece of paper alongside 1000s of raps, ideas, and ways to break out of jail. After serving 18 months, he took time to recreate not only his sound, but also himself as a person. He spent months recovering from his incarceration, having suffered from numerous struggles after his incarceration, such as PTSD.  “I spent so much time reading, rebuilding connections I had lost, and gaining knowledge,” Ross Taxin says. Now, he’s back and has finally made his long-awaited return.

Ross Taxin, born in the outskirts of Atlanta, GA, is the next BIG thing coming out of South Atlanta since Waka Flocka Flame. In his youth, he spent his time growing up in between Riverdale and Fayetteville, and reps his community fiercely.  With the same intensity, Ross puts his community on his back by not only mentioning it in his records, but actively filming videos in his hometown and working with local artists, editors and producers. “ I’m one the first out of my city that made it to WorldStar” Ross exclaims “And I’m focused on making sure everyone in my city eats”.

This year, Ross Taxin is coming in hot! Having dropped his new-hot single “$1,750” and a dope music video in June, Ross Taxin has zero intentions of slowing down. He plans on releasing 20 singles, 20 videos, and receiving 20 label offers before the end of the year. Ross Taxin offers a bold and dynamic sound, with unpredictable canny lyrics that is a refreshing new wave for listeners. Moreover, he brings to the game a skillful combination of lyricism and energy and is putting pressure on the rap game. Be on the lookout rap fans, Ross Taxin is up next.

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