From Entrepreneur to Authority

Every entrepreneur has a skill. But the entrepreneurs who become authorities are those who write books about those skills. Meet four of today’s reigning authorities.

Tom Kirkham

Tom Kirkham is the founder and CEO of IronTech Security and Kirkham.IT, which provides cybersecurity defense systems and training programs for companies looking to create security-first environments. What exactly does that mean? Well, we all know that we shouldn’t be using our pet’s name and our birthday as the same password on Facebook and our bank accounts, but Tom Kirkham is someone who can explain why in a way that may terrify you—all with a charming smile. His book, The Cyber Security Pandemic Survival Guide, firmly established him as a cyber security expert by showing how weak our governments and businesses—large and small—are in the face of the sort of cyber warfare we’re experiencing. A regular on the speaking circuit, Kirkham is determined to show people how woefully underprepared we are for a large-scale, worldwide cyberattack.

Kay Allison

A successful entrepreneur, author and creator of online courses, Kay Allison has been juicy AF (alcohol free) since 1999. In her online courses, she helps other professional women transform their lives by stopping the drinking spiral and creating a rich, rewarding, joyful future. Allison’s second book, Juicy AF* (*Alcohol Free): Stop the Drinking Spiral, Create Your Future, which will be released in January, is a guide to help women pursue their dreams without relying on alcohol. From “mommy wine culture” to the misconception that only men are affected by alcoholism, Allison dives into tough topics and helps women reclaim their power.

Dan Flanigan

While Dan Flanigan is an undeniably successful attorney, with a Ph.D. in History from Rice University and J.D. from the University of Houston, his true passion is writing fiction. With everything from thrillers to short fiction to poems under his belt, Flanigan is best known for his seminal character, Peter O’Keefe—a private detective at the center of Flanigan’s novels On Lonesome Road and The Big Tilt. To Flanigan, business and creativity mix well, since many of the people he’s met in his work as an attorney inform the characters and situations in his book.

Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins is far from your average entrepreneur: the homeschooling mom of five lost her husband, Andy Jenkins, three years ago and currently oversees the company they co-founded, which just happens to be the leading webinar software WebinarJam and Kartra. While Jenkins boasts over a decade of experience in a variety of business niches, including fitness, information products, and software, her most notable strength is how confidently she leads in an industry primarily ruled by men. Her first book, Alpha Female Leadership, which will be released in mid 2023, is designed to show other women how to pursue executive positions in the tech field.

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