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Diamonds are formed through intense pressure and heat. Similarly, the events of Arham Muhammad’s life shaped his viewpoints and carved his road to success.                                                                    

Very few people who come from similar backgrounds can achieve the same level of success as Arham Muhammad. The Pakistani-born entrepreneur grew up in extreme hardship and poverty, often having to go hungry and living through the sorrows of a broken home’s sorrows. However, his tenacity and will to survive helped him fight his way to become one of the world’s most successful digital advertising experts.

Arham was born with an embedded love for computers. They piqued his interest as a young boy and helped inspire his very first business venture, Zstash. Trying desperately to succeed Zstash, Arham clocked between 20 and 22work hours a day; he spent his evening planning and developing an interest-based social media platform similar to Twitter and Facebook were not yet popular at the time.

Due to circumstances beyond his control, this venture was not the success he had hoped for, and in 2009, he decided to let it go. “Zstash was my first business baby. I conceptualized and created every aspect of it, then spent years nourishing and taking care of it but never got the chance to see it mature. Unfortunately, it proved nearly impossible for me, as a teenager trying to navigate the Pakistani business environment in search of investors and financing. I soon realized my first business was not progressing as it should,” said Arham. “Perhaps, all of us entrepreneurs hold on to our first business venture and lose perspective, but if it’s not making you any money after you’ve put everything into it, you have to let it go.” Arham used this defining realization as a stepping stone to future success.

During his teens, Arham focused on learning everything he could about cybersecurity, reverse engineering, and cyber forensics. He started with pen testing, and his contributions to proof of concept can still be found on various security websites today.

Arham’s life and career have been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but this tenacious man has bucketloads of bravery. In 2012, at the age of 20, with no training and almost no business experience, he founded his second venture, a digital advertising company. So successful was the business that he reached multi-millionaire status within four years.

Currently, Arham uses his entrepreneurial knowledge, business savvy, and tech skills in the development of a new set of automation tools. He is also working on an artificial intelligence application that will introduce ground-breaking changes to the world of AI.

When asked how he became so successful, Arham replied that it had taken years of sacrifice and hard work. “I’m also an avid reader and a dedicated student who believes in self-mastery. Knowledge is power, and I know that I have to spend time gaining the knowledge I need to succeed.”

Despite all that he had to endure positively, he valued his family and provided them with a home and financial security, alien to him growing up. It’s the achievement he is most proud of.

To learn more about Arham Muhammad, or become a part of his businesses, contact him via his LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/arham-muhammad/.


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