Failure is an inevitable part of life, but what you do after a failure happens is what matters most. For Javed Khan, failure is something to learn from and gives you a new perspective to start again. Javed Khan is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who found his success in the foreign exchange market.

Javed’s story humbly began in the East End of London being raised by his father who was a cab driver. By the time he was 18, he had lost three friends to knife crime. Javed has always held his family and friends close and dreamt of having a job where he could financially support them, but life wasn’t that simple for him. Nevertheless, he never lost sight of his goal. He planned to graduate from college and work a 9 to 5 job, but once in college he was introduced to the foreign exchange market and was instantly intrigued.

The enthusiasm Javed had for the foreign exchange market made him hopeful that this is how he would become successful, eager to start he invested all his money. Within hours, he was hit with failure when he had lost all his savings. With the risks heavy in his mind, he decided to invest again – he knew he just needed the initial break and success would snowball from there. Hopeful with trying again, Javed invested his father’s savings and money borrowed from friends. He was hit with failure again losing everything. Javed was now in debt £20,000. He didn’t let his dream die here; he was still determined to find his success.

Knowing he needed to do something to repay his father and friends, Javed began delivering pizzas. Saving each paycheck, he realized he was not going to make the money quickly enough and he knew his success wouldn’t be found in pizza deliveries. Despite his loses, his enthusiasm for trading was still high and he wanted to make it work. He decided to invest his pizza delivery money into the foreign exchange market. This time, he made a break in the world of trading. Within a few months, he was able to transform his success and was able to pay off all his debt. Javed was able to make over £352,000 in his first year of trading.

Since his break in trading, Javed has moved to Dubai, created a foreign exchange trading business, and became a top-level educator for the foreign exchange market. He has been able to achieve his initial goal of being financially successful and being able to support his family and friends. Javed keeps his humble beginnings close to his heart but will continue to aim high and not let failure hold him back from achieving his goals.

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