From Clarity to Impact: How High Performance Coach Christian Santiago Shifted From Pastoring People to Coaching CEOs Using The C5 Framework

Businesses are born out of all kinds of events: inspiration, passion, a need to help others, even struggle. Christian Santiago, high performance coach for Christian entrepreneurs, falls into all four camps, most notably the latter. While he has only been coaching for a short 10 months, his former vocation as a pastor predictably prepared him for his latest foray.

Now, Santiago runs The Greatness Institute — which has clients whose net worth is over $367M — a feat he achieved after finally giving himself the permission to take the leap into the executive coaching space.

“I was a pastor, and I was helping people,” said Santiago. “But I realized that there was a particular group of Christian leaders that I became obsessed with serving because they were being ignored: Christian executives and entrepreneurs. I wanted to bring some specificity to that realm, to be the voice that links Christian values to the professional space, where they can combine both their faith and personal drive for greater levels of success.”

This is the story of how he got to where he is today, the leading Christian-entrepreneur high-level coach for C-level executives and CEOs.

The Need for Clarity

Santiago’s tale begins in a dark room, locked from the inside. He told his wife Chantal that morning, ‘I need to figure some things out. I am going to lock myself away and not come out until I have the answers.’

At that point, Santiago and Chantal had been struggling to pay rent with a baby on the way. He wanted to bring his son into a better world, but didn’t know where to start. Angry and overwhelmed, he knew he needed to take a step back and find some true clarity about he and his family’s future.

Santiago stayed in the bedroom for two days and asked himself the five clarity questions (C5) that changed his life trajectory forever.

  1. Who are you, really? How big are you supposed to become?
  2. What do you REALLY want at this stage in your life?
  3. What do you really want to be known for in the next five years?
  4. What are the top three skills you need to master in order to get there?
  5. What are your next five moves you need to get momentum towards this new direction?

Upon exiting his room after two days of deep internal exploration, Santiago not only knew what he needed to do next, but was also more in tune with who he was born to be than he’s ever been in his life — even when he was a pastor.

This catapulted him to dive right into high performance coaching, and he never looked back.

Life-Changing Clarity to Rapid Impact

Santiago’s pivot was the beginning of a new life chapter with limitless possibilities for the guidance of high-level Christian executives. In the first two months of his career, Santiago gave over 70 coaching sessions to people from as young as 20 to as old as 65. He sat before million-dollar earners and high-end entrepreneurs to coach them through the same exact clarity framework that propelled him to have the greatest clarity he ever had.

Within four months, he already had his entire bank of coaching slots filled up and was working with a 9-figure company to implement a high performance culture into their organization.

His coaching style combines Santiago’s business knowledge with lessons from the Bible, guiding clients along his 8 Biblical Pillars of Rapid Transformation and the 6 High Performance Habits. The goal with these coaching sessions is to equip high-achieving entrepreneurs with the tools for them to have success greater than their peers over a long period of time without sacrificing their faith in the process. Santiago truly comes alive when working with the top 1% because he can understand and speak to areas that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with others, including Christian values and beliefs.

The 8 Biblical Pillars of Rapid Transformation include Identity, Mindset and Beliefs, Personal Standards, Habits and Routines, Community, Immersion, The Power of Permission, and Ownership. Each Pillar is a separate module aimed at guiding the high achiever through a series of transformational realizations about him or herself, how they live their lives and conduct business, and can ultimately become the most powerful version of themselves.

“People are never stuck or powerless,” Santiago said. “I truly believe that, and God does too. If you can awaken into who you really are and what you have inside of you, your life will dramatically change! Anyone can be massively successful in business without sacrificing their faith, and those without faith can conversely live by these same standards, regardless of their beliefs — because these are principles that work for everyone in any industry, age bracket, or personality style.”

Stay tuned across the media to learn about Santiago’s third book: Born to Rule: Reclaiming the God-Given Birthright to Rule on Earth.

About Christian Santiago

Christian Santiago is Greenville’s #1 high performance coach, who founded his company, The Greatness Institute, where he serves as a coaching and culture specialist for Christian entrepreneurs, high-end executives, high net worth investors, and 9-figure companies. Santiago strongly believes in showing people what they’re really capable of doing, as no person or organization is ever stuck or powerless to change the situation they are in. To become the best leader and high performer that is already inside of you, go to

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