By Joe Eskenazi

Family and friends of a Brazilian Fulbright scholar last seen on July 17 on Mount Mulanje in Malawi have hastily started an e-campaign to raise funds necessary to continue sending large search and rescue operations into the African mountains and forests.

Gabriel Buchmann, 28, had been at the tail-end of a year-long tour around the poorer parts of the world in preparation for commencing his Ph.D in public policy this fall. “He could have found a job in any investment bank in Brazil or Wall Street and hit the jackpot. But Gabriel has always wanted to make better use of his talents,” write Buchmann's friends on the “Help Gabriel Buchmann” Web site.”He wanted to make this place a better world, and off he wnet on this global trip, to get to know the poorest countries…”

The site has a PayPal link so well-wishers can help to fund 50-person Malawian search parties. While surviving 10 days in the wild is a tall order, some lost wanderers have been rescued after even three weeks in the area.

Buchmann earned his bachelor's and masters in economics in his native Brazil and is slated to start a doctoral degree in public policy at UCLA in the Fall. He has ties to a number of Bay Area Brazilians (full disclosure: Buchmann is a friend of a friend).

Again, to learn more and donate, visit here — for pictures (and Portuguese speakers), visit here.

(Courtesy S.F. Weekly)

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