Friday Plans Review: Is This the Best Way to Get ED Medication? 

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When I discovered I was suffering from erectile dysfunction, I was devastated. It was so damn embarrassing, and I was afraid to talk to anyone about it. I just wanted to ignore it completely, and the last thing on my mind was seeking treatment. 

But after months of disappointing sexual experiences, I was becoming depressed. I knew I had to start looking at my treatment options, but the thought of talking to anyone, especially my doctor scared the hell out of me. I’ve had the same primary care physician for 10 years and everyone in my family goes to him.  What if he mentioned my issue to someone else in my family?

So I started looking up online services, and I found recommendations for a company called Friday Plans. They were offering a free consultation, so I said what the hell, I’ll try it. 

I’m here to tell you, I’m so thankful I did.

Friday Plans Does Things Differently

Friday Plans Packaging

Friday Plans wasn’t just a player in the ED industry, they had completely changed it. I didn’t have to worry about talking to my primary care doctor, or talking to a doctor at all. Friday Plans found a way to get you a prescription for generic Viagra®  just by answering an online questionnaire. I filled it out in a little over 2 minutes, and that was it. That marked the beginning of the end for my ED nightmare.

But then of course I thought, what about the cost? Other companies I looked at claimed to keep their prices low, but still charged as much as $10 dollars for a single pill of generic Viagra®[1]. As much as I wanted to solve the problem, I wasn’t looking to break the bank. 

But because of Friday Plans revolutionary new methods, they are able to offer generic Viagra® for as little as $1.75 per pill. This includes free prescription and free shipping. I thought that was crazy. How could they possibly offer the pills that cheap? So I did a little more digging, and this is what I found.

How Friday Plans Keeps Their Prices So Low

Friday Plans Price

So Friday Plans saw how much other companies were charging their customers, and decided enough was enough. They designed a way to keep costs low, so they could not only offer low-cost medication, but free consultations, prescriptions, and delivery as well. How did they do this you ask? Well with a couple innovative changes to the usual formula. 

Direct-to-Patient Platform

Friday Plans built their own telemedicine platform from the ground up, creating a system free of the bloat that runs rampant in other ED medication companies. Because they built a platform only prescribing ED medication and nothing else, the whole process is far quicker. This is due in large part to the fact that you are not forced to answer questions that aren’t relevant to ED. Not only that but it drastically lowers the cost of operations, since the doctors prescribing your medication only need to look at the relevant information. The best part is Friday plans passes all of these savings on to their customers. 

Right From the Source

While some ED medication companies use non-FDA-approved compounding facilities, Friday Plans only gets their generic Viagra® from FDA-approved pharmaceutical manufacturers. They buy in exponentially larger quantities than a normal pharmacy and deal directly with the manufacturers themselves, without all the middlemen. Bulk buying means bulk rates, and these rates result in a far more affordable cost per pill.

Amazon, Automation, and Central Fill Pharmacies

Taking a note from Amazon’s playbook, Friday Plans looked at how the E-Commerce giant used automation in it’s warehouses. They thought “if that helps them keep prices low, why don’t we use automation in the way we fill customer prescriptions?”

Using one of the country’s largest central fill pharmacies, they have completely streamlined their prescription filling process. Because of this simplification, they were able to further reduce the cost of their medication, and the results speak for themselves: a cost as low as $1.75 per pill of generic Viagra®

How Well Does Generic Viagra® Work?

While the best way to know anything is to try it for yourself, I’ll try to explain my personal experience. I’m not one to mince words, so I’ll just come right out and say it: this stuff changed my life.

I’ve tried the name brand stuff, and generic Viagra® works in the exact same way. Before generic Viagra®, I was struggling to get an erection, and even if I did it wasn’t near as firm as it was when I was younger. With generic Viagra® I felt just like a 20-something again, without a care in the world about my erections.

I’m not embarrassed to say it, I really needed ED medication. Frankly, I should have gotten prescribed when I saw the first signs of trouble instead of waiting. Not only was I able to get an erection, but it was also firmer than before and longer-lasting. I was astonished at just how well this stuff works.

You Don’t Even Have to Go to a Pharmacy

I hate the hassle of going to pick up my regular prescriptions from the pharmacy, let alone a prescription for ED medication. There isn’t a single convenient location near my house, and I have to go well out of my way just to get my medications. I also wasn’t too keen on letting a pharmacist know about my struggles with erectile dysfunction. But with Friday Plan, it turns out I didn’t have to worry at all.

After your free consultation and free prescription, Friday Plans will ship your products for free directly to your home. That’s right, no pharmacy, no shipping costs, just ED medication straight from their facilities to your door.

Once you fill out your questionnaire and get approved, Friday Plans will have generic Viagra sitting in your mailbox in as little as 2-3 days. Imagine that: your ED problems could be solved 72 hours from now for less than the price of an energy drink. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

So How Do I Get Friday Plans and Upgrade to Sex 2.0?

Friday Plans Benefits

The first step I took was taking Friday Plan’s free questionnaire. I answered a series of simple questions and was quickly approved. After I received my free prescription, the pills were sent to my door in a neat envelope. The shipping was absolutely discreet, and there was no way to tell there was medication inside at all.

I did have a few other questions, but those were quickly answered by Friday Plans customer service team. They have 24/7 chat support and were happy to help me with everything I needed. Mainly I was concerned with their cancellation policy, but they quickly put that worry to bed (no pun intended).

The service rep said that canceling your subscription is easy. You can log in to the member’s area and navigate to the settings. Then, just click “cancel subscription”; it’s as easy as that. You don’t have to talk to anyone or jump through any hoops. 

The rep also said that if I wasn’t satisfied for any reason, Friday Plans offered a 60-day money-back guarantee. They even said I could keep the pills I’d already received! That made me feel more secure in my subscription. Also, it turns out I didn’t need the policy at all. That 60 days came and went quite a while ago! I’ve been too focused on having mind-blowing sex, which Friday Plans has aptly named “Sex 2.0”.

Ignoring my ED didn’t work for me, and I promise it won’t work for you. Don’t waste time as I did, and get the help you need today. Click here to claim your free prescription!



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