Who wouldn’t want to know what lies ahead? Your professional stress, money troubles, love, relationships, and how each of these will affect your future leaves you with a headache that won’t go away with sleep. In this case, only a time machine can assist you. 

However, there is a solution to relieve your pain by consulting with spiritual counselors or having free psychic readings online. With the pandemic sweeping the globe, it is safer for you to stay at home and use these psychic reading services over the internet. 

A look into the future and days ahead, as well as the past and present, can reveal a lot about a person’s life. Despite the fact that online psychic readings have a wide range of positive outcomes, determining which psychic reading site is the best option can be difficult. The question is, who you can trust and who is deserving of your time and money? Which option should you select from the plethora of possibilities available on the internet?

Users frequently have concerns about the legitimacy of the readings and services provided by these sites, as well as whether they are worth their precious time, trust, and hard-earned money. We’re here to assist you in locating the most affordable free psychic readings. Based on their services, value, accuracy, and user ratings, we reviewed and ranked the top-rated online psychics.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites:

You can try psychic readers for free, and if you like them.

  1. Kasamba – Free For First 3 Minutes & Best Psychic Site Overall 
  2. Keen Psychics – Best For Beginners
  3. AskNow – Best For Reading Zodiac Signs
  4. Oranum – Best Wide Selection of Astrologers
  5. MysticSense – Free Tarot Readings For 5 Minutes

#1. Kasamba – Free For First 3 Minutes & Best Psychic Site Overall  


Kasamba focuses on providing the most accurate and detailed love, relationship, and compatibility readings using spiritual instruments, particularly tarot card readings. Kasamba is one of the most talked-about websites in discussions regarding free psychic readings online.


  • Wide range of services
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Offers a 70% discount to first-time customers and a 50% discount to returning users
  • Reading on the go with a Mobile App
  • Protects the privacy of customers


  • No video psychic sessions available
  • Online psychics with high ratings are costly
  • Not many search options


Kasamba provides psychic readings, crystal readings, aura readings, pet psychics, psychic mediums, rune castings, love readings, tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology, career predictions, numerology, and many other services.

All psychic reading services are offered by online chats or by phone at all times. Psychic specialists at Kasamba have a wealth of experience in communicating accurate psychic readings throughout many years.

Kasamba’s psychics are also highly diversified, thus consumers may be able to communicate with psychics from all over the world. This aids the accessibility of the psychics, as many of them are bilingual. Customers who like live psychic reading sessions can choose to have live psychics.

Kasamba also displays each psychic expert’s ratings and reviews from previous customers. As a result, the current client can figure out which psychic is the most accurate in terms of predictions.

Customer Experience

Kasamba is well-known for the low prices it provides. It is especially valued by people who are new to the realm of free readings online, as it allows them to have a sense of what they are getting into before committing large sums of money.

It is the same for frequent users who are offered a variety of discounts in the form of free trials, coupons, and other incentives to guarantee that they always have a positive experience. Customers will feel more loyal as a result of such offers.

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#2. Keen Psychics – Most Accurate & Best For Beginners


With 20 years of expertise in the psychic reading profession, Keen is another experienced psychic reading website. Psychics at Keen Psychics are experts in a variety of subjects, including love and relationships, life path, career and finances, and more.

The site is popular among online psychics who specialize in providing guidance for major life decisions. With its simple layout, Keen Psychics has made getting a psychic reading online quite simple.


  • No subscription costs
  • Provides a variety of options to choose from
  • First three minutes free plus more enticing discounts
  • All client information is kept strictly confidential and is never disclosed to anyone under any circumstances
  • By using the mobile app, you can get instant astrological or psychic readings
  • Most reasonably priced online psychic readings; i.e. $1.99 for 10 minutes
  • Excellent options for selecting and filtering
  • Website is user-friendly and offers a range of search options


  • Limited to three free minutes
  • Expensive psychic readings by phone call
  • No record of the psychic session
  • Small number of bilingual readers


Keen Psychics is well-liked by its fans for psychic readings on love and romantic connections. Their psychic readers have a reputation for providing incredibly accurate psychic readings quickly without demanding a lot of personal information. The online psychics at Keen have all been examined and screened ahead of time, and many of them are seasoned veterans with years of experience in the field.

The Keen Psychics website is easy to navigate and provides a number of search features to help users discover their ideal psychic. Keen Psychic allows you to communicate with your chosen advisor through a computer or mobile app. These apps provide the finest chat option due to their simplicity.

Keen Psychics offers the user the most inexpensive psychic readings compared to the competition in the industry. 

Customer Experience 

This platform keeps all consumer information safe and secure. Customers can easily rely on Keen’s customer care to help them get through a difficult experience or resolve problems. 

New clients can choose psychics based on the evaluations and ratings left by previous clients, allowing them to better understand and determine what they desire.

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#3. AskNow – Best For Reading Zodiac Signs


Since 2005, AskNow has been offering phone psychic readings and chat readings. Every phone psychic in the AskNow network specializes in a different aspect of life, such as love, money, relationship advice, or career. So, if you are looking for someone who enjoys reading in particular, you will have plenty of options. Thousands of seekers have benefited from the website’s network of gifted and licensed spiritual counselors.


  • Most economical psychic website, with charges starting at $1 per minute
  • All psychics are thoroughly screened for accuracy and skill
  • Specializes in phone readings, and you can get 5 free minutes if you call their number
  • Get answers to your questions about love, money, career, family, destiny, and relationships
  • Customer service available throughout the day
  • Runes, crystals, and tarot cards for tarot readings are among the divination tools used


  • High-priced master/elite advisors
  • No guarantee of satisfaction
  • Shortage of bilingual psychics


One of the best features of AskNow is that each psychic on their website has their own profile page where you can learn about their abilities, view their astrological sign, and even view ratings left by previous customers. In their profiles, psychics list their specialties, some of which include many areas of skill.

Their portal allows you to search for psychics by expertise, with dozens of alternatives. AskNow’s psychics include video chat as well as more traditional options such as online chat and phone chat, making them an excellent alternative for face-to-face conversations.

AskNow is offering a wonderful first-time client deal of $10 for a 15-minute psychic reading.

Customer Experience 

Customers have said that the site was quite honest and forthright, providing highly accurate advice. Customers also say AskNow psychics are straightforward (in a friendly manner) and not to mention incredibly precise with their observational skills.

AskNow is suitable for customers who wish to seek answers from professional psychics with spiritual abilities that officially get tested several times a year.

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#4. Oranum – Best Wide Selection of Astrologers


Oranum is a psychic reading website with over 200+ live psychic reading professionals who answer customers’ questions pretty accurately. The portal has completely trained and tested these specialists through a series of validated and recognized examinations. Oranum is most known for its appealing user-friendly interface and the security features it offers to consumers.


  • Offers new users 9.99 credits for free
  • Wide range of specialties
  • Prioritizes your time and convenience
  • For a more personal connection, live video readings are available
  • Before hiring a psychic, you can ask inquiries in free psychic chat forums


  • Phone readings are not available
  • Credit system might be complicated


Oranum is unique in the way that it is one of the only platforms where you can get a video reading. You’re likely to find a match for your requirements for online psychics at any moment because their psychics are located all over the world. Because a variety of languages are available on the website, you can find a psychic who speaks your native dialect.

This psychic reading website gives readings on a variety of topics, including love and relationships, tarot card readings, home and family, palm reading, dream interpretation, and more. You can join your live chat conversation whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. There are numerous filtering options to choose from. You even have the option of selecting the type of reading you require.

Oranum does not provide the standard complimentary three minutes. Instead, before you pay any money, you can speak with the psychic of your choice. Every week, each psychic gives a live public session for users to observe the readers in action.

Customer Experience

The majority of Oranum reviews are positive, and people are responding positively all across the world. With the help of these psychic readings, people might truly see improvements in their lives. 

There are some unfavorable reviews. However, they are written by customers who have made mistakes in giving information or who have chosen the lowest-ranked psychic readers.

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#5. MysticSense – Free Tarot Readings For 5 Minutes


MysticSense has been in business for several years and has established a good reputation. It’s a well-liked service with thousands of positive reviews all over the internet. MysticSense has not failed to provide a community of genuine readers knowledgeable on daily horoscopes, tarot card readings, and mental readings.


  • Complete control over the duration of the tarot reading session
  • 5 free minutes available, as well as phone, chat, and video options
  • Psychic Readings are available for as little as $1 per minute. Ideal for people on a tight budget who need answers quickly
  • Customer feedback is readily available
  • Psychic and reading services are accessible in a variety of formats
  • Portal has a lot of flexibility 
  • Numerous specialties and psychic reading tools available
  • Interface is easy to use


  • Video consultations are not available from all psychics
  • Platform is newer and has less experience


MysticSense claims to offer experienced advisors who are well-versed in mental readings, as well as a rigorous evaluation procedure and quality standards to assure the protection of their customers. MysticSense provides readings that can be tailored to your unique needs.

MysticSense aims to be a little less expensive than the majority of its competitors. Although psychics are free to determine their own charges, clients generally pay less for readings.  You will be provided with five minutes of free chat or video time during the first psychic session.

The website is simple to use, whether you have prior experience or not. To safeguard the privacy of any information you supply, it will be highly secured and protected. They feature a powerful filtering function that lets you sort through readers quickly and efficiently. You may utilize the service on your Android or iOS device so that you can obtain answers to your concerns while on the go.

Customer Experience 

The enormous number of gifted psychics and the range of possibilities accessible, according to customers, are the main catch of MysticSense. Users can be as exact as they want by going through the filters and modifying them until they’re satisfied. As a result, you’ll likely find a psychic who is a good match, ensuring that your money was wisely spent.

To achieve continuous high-quality readings, the website adheres to strict guidelines. A video call or even text messaging might be used instead of a phone call if a phone call makes a person feel nervous.

⇒ Click Here to Visit the Official Website of MysticSense

Points Considered Before Choosing Psychic Reading Site

Many of these platforms or websites for psychic readings do, in fact, provide their patrons with highly accurate readings from exceptionally gifted psychics, while others may turn out to be a complete waste of time and money.

We’re aware that a slew of new scam sites has cropped up, all of which use the same services to make money. This is why it is important that the user selects psychic readers or counselors whose talents they have complete faith in.

Consider the following factors before making a final decision on which psychic reading to use online:

  • Customer Reviews

Psychic readings, like any other business, can be reviewed. Because online reviews have become a highly credible source of information in recent years, it is worthwhile to read through a psychic’s online reviews before scheduling a reading.

Be cautious when using certain review sites, and remember that just because a psychic has one or two negative reviews does not mean they are not good at what they do. Negative reviews can be an indicator of a bad psychic if they are plentiful, but more often than not, a few bad reviews are simply from angry customers who were dissatisfied with the information they received from their psychic.

  • Cost Effectivity

Of course, you must consider the expense of reading online in order to stay within your budget. The cost of the reading can vary depending on the psychic you use and a number of other variables.

So, when you schedule a reading, be sure to know how much it will cost. You should also keep in mind that your decision should not be solely dependent on pricing.

  • Experience of Psychic

It’s also a good idea to check out the psychic’s level of experience before making a decision, and there are various ways to do so. One thing to do is check their website, if they have one, to see how long they’ve been doing psychic readings.

Furthermore, reading other people’s web evaluations can give you an idea of their level of experience and how long they’ve been performing psychic readings. You can compare this with a surgeon, who will not overlook even the slightest of details because of the years of experience he or she has.

  • Availability 

The user will require the services of a psychic who is available at all times. Some online free psychics on the internet will provide you with their phone numbers so that you can contact them whenever you need them. The whole point of online psychic readings is to have a psychic available when you need a reading and to receive assistance within minutes.

  • Safety

Users must feel safe and secure when using any website, therefore safety was a major contributor while compiling this list. Because many psychic readings are conducted over the phone, it’s critical to pick a secure website that has a firm privacy policy.

  • Reliability Of The Site

It might be difficult to assess the legitimacy of a psychic without meeting them in person, and even then, it can be tough to tell if the psychic is genuine. These sites eliminate a lot of the ambiguity for customers by screening all of its consultants for psychic ability. 

Beginner’s Guide For Psychic Readings Online

If you obtain a legitimate and skilled psychic reader, readings can be quite beneficial. If the customer is unable to locate a professional psychic, the psychic session may not be satisfactory.

If you believe that phone psychic readings are right for you, the following qualifications will be beneficial as you begin your adventure.

  • Rates And Offers Should Be Considered

Based on some of the highlights listed above, there are various phone psychic readings to choose from. Apart from assessing the specialist in any psychic topic for which answers are sought, it is also suggested to evaluate their fees and offers, particularly for first-time customers. Knowing the prices they charge will make it easier for you to calculate your budget depending on how long you want to continue their service.

  • Conduct Thorough Research

By investing some time in evaluation, a consumer can identify the top psychic websites and advisors. Fortunately, thanks to today’s user-friendly websites, this is a simple task.

One should narrow down the psychics they want to work with based on their interests. Many websites offer psychic profiles based on expertise, qualifications, and price. In addition, the free introductory minutes of a psychic session can help a consumer decide whether or not to continue with the therapist.

  • Specialty In Services Offered

The majority of psychic websites provide a variety of services. Some practitioners adhere to the fundamentals, such as tarot readings, horoscope readings, love readings, and career guidance. Others specialize in less well-known areas such as Feng Shui, Vedic astrology, and Tik Pan San Sou.

  • Reading Reviews

Client evaluations of online psychics can provide extremely valuable information about the type of experience to expect from a certain counselor, just as reading the comments of a product review can help you decide whether or not to buy. 

Customer reviews help you see the psychic through the eyes of others, while the psychic’s bio and profile details are useful for seeing how they promote themselves. There is no better way to get a feel for what your reading will be like than to participate in it.

Different Types of Psychic Readings

Psychic reading refers to the ability to gather information via the use of enhanced faculties and discerning abilities.

At times it can be difficult to understand all the different terms and styles associated with readings. These terms frequently have overlapping meanings or are based on a reader’s personal preference.

To dispel doubt, most psychics offer free readings. This increases the inquirer’s understanding of the procedure and, as a result, his or her trust in the psychic. So, what are the most common types of psychic readings?

  • Psychics

Almost all readers have psychic abilities unless they purely use cards or other tools and give only the exact meaning associated. Psychics can receive information in a variety of ways, including visions either with the physical eyes or with the subconscious eye, hearing messages from spirit guides, intuitive knowing, empathic feeling, and others.

Psychics can generally assist with more personal issues like love, career, and health and provide some insight into possible future events. A psychic may be able to detect energetic problems or blockages in the energy field. Each one is unique.

  • Tarot

Tarot readings are one of several divination tools available. The Tarot can be found in a variety of formats and dates back to the mid-fifteenth century. It usually consists of 78 cards, divided into four suits known as the minor arcana and major arcana cards, which reflect key archetypal notions. 

Because of its versatility, the Tarot readings are commonly utilized as a divination tool. It may be utilized to help answer practically any issue. Tarot readers frequently combine the cards with psychic information to provide a comprehensive picture of the questioner’s condition.

  • Numerology

Counselors might use this psychic reading approach to forecast specific life events or gather information about a customer by using numbers. This practice is based on the assumption that there is a current relationship between numbers and events in a person’s life. 

Frequently, guides will use the customer’s name or the name of the person they are concerned about to generate a number that they will decrypt later. The message conveyed by this service is determined by the algorithm used.

  • Palmistry

Palm reading is the study of the palm, particularly the shape, color, lines, and length of the fingers. Its origins can be traced back to India and China.

Palmistry is the art of interpreting personality traits and predicting future events by analyzing the physical features of the hands. Psychic experts can gather information about a person’s future, love life, and current issues by studying their hand lines.

  • Astrology

An astrology reading will create a birth chart based on information about your exact birth date, including the time and location of your birth. This chart considers several celestial factors, including your past, present, and potential future, to determine their impact on your life.

  • Oracle

The term “oracle” refers to any divination tool or deck of cards. Many people have created decks or tools to help the questioner bring in messages. Goddess Decks, runes, and dowsing rods, are examples of such tools. Each reader discovers tools that work for them and help them bring forth healing and beneficial messages.

  • Spiritual Reading

Spiritual readings are one of the earliest forms of psychic divination and can provide the seeker with invaluable guidance in their lives.

These readings connect you to the spiritual plane and allow you to communicate with beings from a realm other than your own. Whether it’s an angel, a loved one who has passed on, or even a pet, these spirits can teach us a lot.

Online Psychic reading vs. Offline psychic reading

With competition increasing in every field, from education to jobs, it is difficult to find time to visit a psychic. As a result, it is best to take advantage of technology and opt for an online session to save time and money. 

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend that you opt for psychic readings online:

The first problem with offline or in-person psychic readings is that you will have to reveal personal information to the reader. The user may wish to discuss a sensitive topic but may be uncomfortable sharing personal information in-person, in which case it is unavoidable.

Psychic readings are available at all hours of the day and night. Due to time constraints, transportation issues, and availability issues, this is not possible in offline settings. With online readings, the session can be accessed whenever the user is ready, at their convenience.

Your experience can be personalized to meet your needs with options for chat and face-to-face video readings, which is a luxury that your local reader cannot provide. 

FAQs About Psychic Readings

Q. Is It Possible That Some Free Psychic Readings Are Fake?

There is no universal rule for determining whether or not your online psychic is legitimate. Trial and error can be used to determine their legitimacy.

The safest bet is to go with one of the top five sites on this list. This ensures that you receive a reading from a screened, experienced psychic, and you can also rely on these websites to compensate you if you are dissatisfied with your reading.

Q. How Can People Select The Best Free Psychic On The Internet?

A little time spent researching can assist a user in identifying the best psychic websites and advisors. Based on their preferences, people can narrow down the psychics they want to work with. 

Many websites provide useful features for users, such as psychic profiles based on experience, skills, and charges. Furthermore, the reviews give an idea of what the specific psychics are good at and why one should choose them.

Q. What Should I Question About During My Free Reading Consultation?

Consider any aspect of your life that is causing you to worry to determine the question or questions you should ask. It could be about love, work, family, or something else entirely.

The majority of customers prefer asking a question on the following aspects that will aid in introducing themselves to this new service:

  • Relationships and marriage
  • Money
  • Job
  • Lost person and past lives

Conclusion: Which Online Psychic Reading Site Should You Prefer?

Online psychic reading is a rapidly growing industry. More and more online platforms are emerging every day, as this service offers an enticing experience for new customers with the assurance of accuracy and protection.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a real psychic who can provide accurate readings and genuine support. Numerous user-friendly websites give free minutes, newbie credits, and filter options to help consumers select the ideal psychic for their persona and spiritual requirements.

Each of the top five sites listed above offers a variety of advantages and is a fantastic place to begin your search for a free psychic reading online. From our experience, we found Kasamba and Keen Psychics as the most accurate readings. Before contacting a psychic, make sure to take advantage of the free minutes offered by each site and carefully examine a psychic’s profile and experience so that you will know exactly what to expect.

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