With the CBD market booming as it is, it can be overwhelming to see all the different product options and brand names that are available. But with BATCH CBD by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific, you don’t need to search any further. 

Founded in 2018 by three life-long friends, BATCH CBD offers a premium line of CBD products and a personalized approach to customer service that is simply unmatched in the industry. With their free CBD samples and open-kitchen approach to business, BATCH is ready to put all their cards on the table and prove it to you. 

Whether you are well-seasoned with CBD products or trying them for the first time, it is always important to be aware of the origin and quality of the CBD products you are intending to use. With BATCH, there is no guesswork. Every batch of CBD oil is derived from the finest hand-selected organic hemp, processed in-house by BATCH, and thoroughly tested every step of the way.

The meticulous hands-on nature of this process has enabled BATCH to produce amazing products that their customers can feel comfortable and confident with every single time. BATCH’s incredible success began in the heart of Wisconsin, and that’s where they remain rooted today. 

Batch CBD Team on their family farm partners in Neillesville, WI.

Home-Grown in Wisconsin

Bonded by friendship and a passion for community wellness and sustainability, BATCH founders Dennis, Andy, and Griffin got their start together in the state of Wisconsin. They attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where they developed their combined expertise in the fields of business and chemical engineering.

With big dreams and an idealistic mindset, the three founders were driven to determine what could really make a CBD company be number one in the industry. To that end, the team traveled around the nation to meet with a variety of experts in the field and learn what it would truly take. With their shared expertise and the valuable counsel they received from experienced growers, engineers, and retailers, the BATCH team decided that vertical integration was the way to go. 

Mistrioty, Gould, and Lynch saw how important personal touch was in the industry. Huge companies that prioritized profits over quality were losing out on the most valuable thing possible: doing what’s best for their customers by taking the time to carefully craft products of the highest quality. 

The BATCH team understands that top-quality products and personalized customer service are the pillars of a great business. With a plan in place, they found the perfect farm in the countryside of Wisconsin to operate as the sole source of all of their hemp. Together with their growers, the BATCH team selects and harvests the highest quality hemp, which is then used to create each of their unique CBD products.

BATCH CBD: Free CBD Oil Sample. Available in Original, Dream, Clarity, and Calm blends.

CBD Samples:  The BATCH Process

With one farm being the source of all of BATCH’s hemp, they employ sustainable farming methods that limit waste and environmental impact. Once the hand-select plants are grown, harvested, and cured, the liquid gold (CBD) is extracted using their proprietary in-house extraction methods. 

The precision of the extraction process is vital; BATCH’s CBD products are made from full-spectrum CBD oil, which means that all of the cannabinoids and other naturally occurring compounds are preserved during extraction. As a result, the oil derived during the process is absolutely brimming with all of the natural goodness that makes BATCH’s products so beneficial and effective. 

After processing is complete, BATCH products are sustainably packaged and ready to be sold. From humble beginnings, BATCH has grown from an idealist’s dream to a reality that is accessible to everyone. Today, BATCH CBD offers multiple highly effective CBD oil blends, including their ORIGINAL blend, DREAM blend, CALM blend, CLARITY blend, and their highly coveted GOLD RESERVE blend. 

BATCH has also developed their own CBD-infused gummies, soft gels, and balms, so their customers have tons of different options for applying or ingesting their CBD. For customers who are just getting their feet wet, BATCH offers a Sampler Pack that has a little bit of everything, all for a modest $24.99.Batch CBD Sampler Pack: CBD Gummies, Nighttime CBD + CBN Gummies, CBD Softgels, CBD Oil Tincture (Original Blend), Fire & Ice Balm Sample

Free CBD Samples

It’s one thing to develop an incredible product, but it’s the thousands of customers who get to use and enjoy the full benefits of BATCH’s handcrafted CBD products that make it all worth it. When Mistrioty, Gould, and Lynch set out on their mission five years ago, they weren’t just aiming to create a great product. They were working to find a sustainable, natural way to improve lives for the long term. To share all that they’ve learned, BATCH is proud to offer free CBD samples. 

In an explosive industry, education and awareness are essential. With BATCH, there are no secrets, smoke, or mirrors. The BATCH team is eager to share all the details of their process from start to finish, and they’re confident that the more informed their customers are, the better. 

On top of offering free CBD samples, BATCH offers tours of their facilities so that anyone interested can come by and see how the magic happens. The proof is in the pudding, and BATCH knows it. To learn more about BATCH, their Wisconsin roots, and their momentous progress, check out the article BATCH bets on themselves by offering free CBD samples to all!

By ordering a free CBD sample from BATCH, you will receive a week’s worth of their Original CBD oil blend to try. Embrace real quality and order your free sample today!

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