Frank Eufemia on Staying Hungry and Fighting Your Way to the Top

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Frank Eufemia has gone from disaster to master over the course of his career. From losing everything in the 2009 recession to starting his own insurance business that saw a hugely successful merger, Frank has worked tirelessly to get where he is today. As one of the original 9 FFL agents and the president & CEO of Family First Life National, Frank Eufemia has helped teach thousands of agents the key to selling Mortgage Protection Life Insurance and shortening the learning curve he dealt with at the beginning of his insurance career.

What keeps him hungry for more

In 2009, Frank’s struggling mortgage company closed, and he lost everything in the recession. But he and his wife weren’t ready to give up—in fact, they decided to start their own insurance business focused specifically on the life insurance industry, targeting mainly mortgage protection life insurance, final expense life insurance, and annuities. Frank believes the fact he has lost everything once in his life and did not die gives him the perspective that success is a mindset, and if you have the right one, you will succeed. Despite losing everything, still having a roof over his head, food on the table for his wife and kids, and a vehicle to go to work showed him that, even when he thought things were terrible, it was still leaps and bounds better than the way some folks live in some countries. It gave him the ability to be very aggressive in building his business because he had no fear.

His personal passions

Beyond work, Frank has been coaching football for 15-plus years. He strongly believes in the importance of teaching kids that hard work and teamwork are two qualities that not only impact the outcome of a football game but are life lessons that can help you become successful later on in life. He also enjoys volunteering at an Orphanage called Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministry in Roatan, Honduras, and has faithfully been promoting and raising money for them since 2019. His ultimate goal is to be able to give them over $100,000 a year.

The core of who he is and what he stands for

Frank wants to be seen as a selfless, innovative leader with a servant’s heart. That’s why he’s passionate about not only helping agents but helping clients. To him, it’s not about trying to “make a sale” but rather just connecting to people, listening to them, and genuinely helping them understand the right plan for them and their families. He believes we have a great responsibility to ensure the clients that have put their financial future in our hands in the event of a tragedy not only understand the product they have but can also afford it. These are the principles he stands on every day while helping families and showing agents how to do the same.

Learn more about Frank and how he helps agents find success on Instagram @Frankaeufemia!

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