Founder Michael Graziano Is Breaking All Boundaries With His Thriving Two-Year-Young Leading Firm Mindful Media PR

After successfully fulfilling his goal of traveling to every country in the world; closing eight passports containing 193 stamps, the founder of Global Degree, Michael Graziano, is now raring to go for his next great adventure – to insert his company Mindful Media PR into the future and beyond.

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In the beginning, God created Web 1.0. However, being a creator in such a radically changing world has never been so accessible. Today we live through a generational online explosion as our world is at the tipping point of Web 3.0 – a decentralized but secure Internet where people can exchange money and information without the need for any middle man to stand in our way. One individual who is pioneering how we optimize the media industry is Michael Graziano, the future bohemian billionaire whose laid-back, ambitious persona is breaking all barriers.

As the founder of Mindful Media PR, Michael Graziano, who spearheaded a Vancouver-based PR firm as his solution to the turbulence that COVID created two years back, is now reappearing on his social platforms with a renewed appetite for discovery. By guiding his industry-leading firm into a digital-first 100% remote work culture, his one-stop shop for mindful individuals and companies is just the beginning. “What would have taken us ten years to build has taken us two years to build up a successful business, thanks to Web 3.0 and remote work, which is very exciting,” explains digital media mogul Graziano. 

Given the success that his shotgun decision created in 2020, Mindful Media PR aims to empower businesses, brands and entrepreneurs, get the press they deserve and elevate their voices through thoughtful storytelling and the power of the media. This innovative spark started after reaching his most extraordinary goal – traveling worldwide, something that people could only dream of doing growing up. This opportunity opened his mind to numerous possibilities – opportunities that allowed him to catapult his idea of helping others feel the same way come to life. By taking the experiences learned working with media companies, his path led him to now help organizations gain valuable exposure for their efforts to make a difference. 

During his solo trip, Graziano learned valuable insight into the power of human connection, where strong bonds are the key to success. Today his corporate culture empire strives for more. Having positively motivated employees to come together and exert that energy toward their clients is a strategy that is “ahead of the curve.” Companies usually invest a lot of money into having facilities like offices, but “we just have a Zoom Room, and we’re just scratching the surface. Ten years from now, we’re going to have 1000s of people attending these events worldwide,” shares Graziano.

Before the passion-pursuing leader became a networking guru, his experience traveling the world allowed him to launch his former venture, Global Degree Academy, a company founded in 2014. This formal travel-study program allowed students to gain valuable life experience through travel while taking advantage of online degrees, thus allowing them to combine traditional education with remote learning.

But within weeks after completing his mission of traveling the world, his entire travel and tourism industry had dried up, a circumstance prompting him to embark on a new adventure – founding Mindful Media PR. Today with connections to seven million followers and over 20 million between him and his beloved wife, best-selling author, leading motivational speaker, and female thought leader Natasha Graziano, it’s easy to see why this dynamic duo are rising to the top. 

Graziano uses powerful resources and networking with talented individuals to create one “unified strategy.” He makes a new paradigm for celebrities looking for their voice and businesses to be heard. “Instead of focusing on one thing, we’ve found a way to partner and syndicate leading influencers, brands, and agencies, so they don’t have to go through 12 independent agencies,” shares Graziano. With Mindful Media working together with people who have experience in podcasting, leaders in search engine optimization, and access to cutting-edge growth, marketing, and sales tools, the online world can now push any individual to greatness.

Graziano is moving as a major player in the Web 3.0 PR space by stepping into the Metaverse. The rise of decentralized networks and digital currencies, coupled with the mania over NFTs (non-fungible tokens), represents an awakening that our lives are becoming more digitized. 

Keep an eye out for any new online development because it’s all about getting your name into FAME this time. 

Developed by NFT designer Rajiv Sankarlall and Graziano, FAME Project will be “the gamification of becoming famous both in real life and on the metaverse.” The duo decided to unite and create a revolution, the world’s first cryptocurrency gamified PR Agency. For the first time, holders will have the opportunity to become famous through publications on some of the leading crypto magazine platforms. “Anyone who is an NFT FAME holder will receive all the benefits of being famous. Through Mindful Media and our various partners, we will help people get into crypto and mainstream top tier publications and build hype around their NFT projects,” promises Graziano. All by simply holding the key to one of FAME’s NFTs.

Web 3.0 may represent the next generation of the Internet, but one thing is for sure – its advantages are embedded in both Graziano and his company’s mindset. So make way for the one-stop-shop that empowers consumers and without borders. A company that believes community comes first and is based on shared value and influence – this is all the enhanced user experience you need.

Listed as one of the Top PR & Branding Firms For Entrepreneurs In 2021 by Forbes, the 2-year-old firm is now on the rise to be the new go-to star of the universe. “You know, I did get my 193 passports on my wall. But now I’m going to smash my next goal again. I will show you how to create the largest media company globally with over 10,000 employees,” Michael Graziano says proudly. 

To get a daily dose of wisdom and get the lowdown on how to get your name, business or company injected into the future, visit Mindful Media’s website.

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