Former Photographer MC Luna Trine on Pivoting Careers and Carving a Position in the Limelight as a Musician

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Children are often told to aim for one dream and follow a path that would lead them toward its materialization. Discouraged from setting eyes on anything else as they grow up, they spend years and expend extensive effort toward reaching the end goal. Bound by expectations, individuals may feel like they do not have a choice but to finish what they have started, even if that means doing what no longer makes them happy. But through his journey, MC Luna Trine aims to emphasize that shifting directions is a move that should not be a source of shame. Instead, it is a bold step toward growth and success.

From showing his technical prowess behind the camera to stepping into the spotlight, MC Luna Trine knows the uncertainties and difficulties that come along with pivoting careers. Highly cognizant that shifting gears is nowhere near easy, he nevertheless made the decision to pursue a newfound passion.

Born and raised in New York City, MC Luna Trine has always been creative. When he was young, he was often found drawing and painting – hobbies that would soon expand and include taking photos and videos. So given his strong fascination with photography and videography in college, it did not come as a surprise that the passion-fueled figure eventually started working as a photographer for a long list of models in New York City.

Little did MC Luna Trine know that his skills at showcasing models at their best would be instrumental in his journey toward the music industry. With many of his gigs involving shooting photos for fashion shows and events, it was inevitable that the New Yorker would cross paths with musicians, many of whom introduced him to the music scene and helped him land opportunities to photograph celebrities and personalities. Soon enough, the talented go-getter realized he enjoyed a place in front of the camera.

Today, the promising artist, whose debut song “Aura For Me” impressed listeners with its vivid imagery of building connections with others based on their aura and energy, is going all-out to establish his name and carve a position in the limelight. Highly motivated by the desire to create, he pours his story, creativity and heart into every track he makes.

The “Come With Me to the Moon” singer has also started his journey of becoming a travel vlogger. While exploring the world and sharing his adventures with his listeners, he hopes to create music from the journey he has taken. Ultimately, MC Luna Trine intends to demonstrate that one’s creative voice can be magnified through different art forms.

In making his mark as a musician, MC Luna Trine wants to inspire both aspirants and established artists, setting an example for them to follow and highlighting the importance of finding one’s passion. “I want them to create regardless of what medium they use,” he shared. “There are many forms of art, and it’s okay to change what you do to find your passion. It’s okay to start a new journey. It’s okay to want to go from behind the camera to stepping out in front of it.”

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