Appearing in 159 episodes of the cult fave ‘90s show Baywatch, Jeremy Jackson played the TV character Hobie Buchanan for nearly a decade, racking up almost as many episodes as David Hasselhoff himself. Garnering national fame at the age of 11 is not something many kids survive unscathed, and like many child stars before and after him, Jackson has experienced his fair share of rough waters and tabloid headlines. “It’s taken me years to figure out how to achieve real balance in life, and what I’ve learned these past few years is that a happy life starts with creating and maintaining a healthy balance in the body,” Jackson says. 

A Baywatch documentary is due to be released in September, and these days, the certified personal trainer, nutrition expert, and sober living coach is feeling better than ever.  “It’s a combination of a number of factors. Getting sober. Finding an incredible group of friends.  Learning what truly fulfills me. And living, day in and day out, by the philosophy that ‘My body is a temple.’ What we put in our bodies affects everything… sleep, energy, mood, how well our immune systems operate,” Jackson says. “We all have an endocannabinoid system that regulates these critical biological functions, and discovering how to incorporate CBD into my life has played a monumental role in helping me to achieve and maintain balance.”  

Long before CBD entered into popular vernacular, Jackson was using topicals in his work as a personal trainer and fitness coach. “I was an early adopter of CBD. When I become passionate about a subject — in this case health and wellness — I’m all in. I research. I speak with the experts. I read volumes of scientific journals. I learn as much as I possibly can about the subject. I did this with CBD, and I knew this plant compound was going to revolutionize how people care for themselves and heal,” Jackson says.  

In fact, when his best friend Brandon Stump — also a recovering addict — suffered an ankle injury, Jackson gave him a CBD topical to help with the inflammation and pain. “Brandon was amazed, calling me, saying, ‘What on earth is in this cream?  It’s magic!’ That was the beginning of PACHAMAMA CBD. Today, I’m proud to represent this extraordinary product.”

CBD and Superfoods from Mother Earth

PACHAMAMA means “Mother Earth,” and as the name suggests, the CBD brand — which Stump launched in 2019 and has already been picked up by more than 1,000 retailers nationwide — is 100% natural. “PACHAMAMA  is the story of sharing what we have found in CBD — freedom from pain and a deeper connection with nature — so that people can live a life of abundance and balance,” says Jackson, who serves as the company’s Director of Lifestyle.  

Setting a new standard within the CBD space, PACHAMAMA is 1 of only 4 best-selling CBD brands on the market (out of 242 tested) to receive the Purity Award by the Clean Label Project

“The top 10 best-selling CBD brands tested by the Clean Label Project averaged 34 parts per billion of lead,” Jackson says. “That’s nearly six times the FDA’s safe limit of 5 parts per billion in drinking water. That’s terrifying. With one life to live, we believe this life must be dedicated to changing the lives of others for the better. And we get to do that by delivering a health and wellness product that truly delivers the highest quality, purest hemp-derived CBD on Earth. I wouldn’t be a part of PACHAMAMA otherwise.”

Using only air, PACHAMAMA’s solvent-free CBD oil is extracted in a USDA-certified organic lab and triple-tested by a third party to ensure it’s free of pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals. The company then infuses its CBD oil with a diverse collection of antioxidant and nutrient-rich superfoods and adaptogens to help the body and mind operate at peak performance. They finish the process by creating a transparent “Clean Label” that 100% matches its ingredients. 


It’s important to Jackson that PACHAMAMA’s tinctures aren’t artificially flavored but are actually infused with superfoods that support each tincture’s intended effect. Kava Kava helps with relaxation and sleep, so is great in a tincture devoted to winding down; Goji Cacao has stimulants that assist with focus, so is effective for productivity and competing; and so on.

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Food Is Medicine

With offices in Southern California and Denver, PACHAMAMA is unique in the CBD space because their tinctures are pure and delicious, actually adding interest and flavor when incorporated into foods.

“As a certified personal trainer and a fitness coach, my goal is to always create something nutritious and delicious,” Jackson explains. “Food truly is medicine, as I’ve been fortunate to discover in my sobriety. That’s why, when I add new foods to my diet, I’m always considering what nutrients they bring beyond mere supplements and how they will interact with my endocannabinoid system to help boost my immune system, relieve stress, enhance focus, and reduce inflammation.” 

Jackson is clear that the recipes he shares below are an integral part of offering the body additional medicine. “Preloading my endocannabinoid system allows my body to distribute what it needs,” he says. “I keep my endocannabinoid system full so that my body can repair itself as it should. And that means adding CBD to my food not only to enhance the flavor but to support my overall health.” 

But great health isn’t built on superfoods alone. You also have to move — and in order to move, you have to breathe.

Maximizing Self-Care: Breathwork and CBD 

Jackson recommends doing intentional concentrated breathwork daily, as with a yoga practice or seated meditation. Interestingly, he also uses intensive breathing to be a better competitor.

“Before a workout or competition, or anytime I need to have extra oxygen in my bloodstream, I spend 15 minutes engaged in breathwork,” he says. “Breathwork is a calming and centering technique that you’ll find utilized mostly during meditation. It’s also a practice used by free divers and pro surfers who are preparing to hold their breath for long periods of time. Breathwork will increase oxygen in your bloodstream but moreover — it will change your game.”

Before a workout, Jackson uses the topical Pachamama Athletic Rub on any sore or tender body spots and prepares, he says, “to just sit within my own mind.” He concentrates on “allowing the most vital action of my central nervous system to be my guiding force.”

After a workout, he incorporates isolated stretching with Pachamama’s Icy Muscle Gel or the Pain Cream to assist in repair.

“I think that taking care of yourself after a tough workout is as important as prepping yourself to go do it,” Jackson says. “Really, every part of my day is now devoted to taking care — of myself and others. I’ve been in some dark places and done things that don’t make me proud. By working now to be the best version of me, in mind and in body, in action and in deed, I am returning to the promise of the little boy I was when I first appeared on Baywatch. That boy got lost, but I’m proud of the man he’s becoming.”



Jugo de Pachamama Mocktail (Juice of the Mother, Goddess of Earth)

“To make this summer drink, I wanted to use a fruit as rare and special as the single-source hemp we use in PACHAMAMA products,” says Jackson. “Watermelon is the only plant that produces pink chlorophyll — and our hemp is the only one that is air-extracted and then superfood-infused. Together, they make for a delicious pairing!

“This is a low-sugar immune system support drink full of fresh chlorophyll that’s loaded with oxygenating goodness perfect for this hot COVID summer. The Green Tea Echinacea Tincture is formulated to help your muscles recover after a workout. I am watching my sugar intake, so fill half my glass with water. I love how refreshing this is. It’s a great way to rehydrate!”


  • Fresh mint leaf
  • 1 Fresh watermelon (juice and strain at home!)
  • Soda Water, Seltzer, Ice, Muddler (or Wooden Spoon)
  • BONUS: if you have a melon, or even an ice cream scoop, you’re in luck
  • Plan Ahead: 1ml Pachamama Green Tea Echinacea Tincture
    • Available in 750ml or 1750ml sizes. Receive a one-time discount by using LAWEEKLY20 when you check-out at the link above.



  • Cut watermelon in half, use one half to scoop contents into blender, set other half aside
  • Blend until consistency is water-like; for a pulp-free mocktail make sure to strain juice post blend
  • Apply salt rim to your desired glass and add ice
  • Muddle fresh mint leaf in martini shaker, add ice midway and continue to muddle together until desired consistency
  • Add Pachamama Green Tea Echinacea (1ml standard dose) into martini shaker
  • Pour watermelon juice over muddled mint leaf, crushed ice and added tincture
  • Stir, shake and mix martini glass concoction to desired consistency
  • Pour watermelon CBD mint mixture over ice in tall salt rim glass, top with sparkling water
  • BONUS: The unused half watermelon can be used to create ball garnishes
    • Use a melon scoop (ice cream scoop or even a spoon will work) to shape and ultimately remove a ball shaped sphere, place on wax paper, freeze immediately
    • Place frozen watermelon ball on side of glass

Jeremy’s Hemp-Infused Summer Salad

JJ.Salad .LAweekly

“Hemp hearts are a protein powerhouse that add a nice crunch,” Jackson says. “I love using Pachamama’s Black Pepper Turmeric tincture in the dressing for its taste of pepper and its help in calming inflammation. The Ylang-Ylang and Holy Basil combo gives the dressing a deeper taste of herbs. Food this fresh and healing paired with a CBD tincture that’s restorative gives this meal an extra hit of healthy.


“Begin with a salad base of fresh greens,” Jackson says. “I prefer a mixture of organic spinach and arugula with fresh zucchini and butternut squash noodles, but whatever’s freshest at the market is your best bet.

“Adding a crunch and an additional protein boost makes everything better! I like a good scattering of hemp hearts (Bob’s Red Mill is made in the U.S.), toasted pine nuts, and any pickled veggie mix you prefer. Fermented foods not only add color and interest but are great for your digestive system.”

Hemp-Infused Salad Dressing

3 parts Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

1 part coconut vinegar (made from the sap of the coconut flower)

1-2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 ml Pachamama Black Pepper Turmeric tincture or 1ml Ylang-Ylang Holy Basil

Your choice: add a pinch of sea salt and any combination of fresh grated ginger and garlic or herbs and spices you prefer.

Add all ingredients in your kitchen blender and mix briefly on high to emulsify. Dress the salad and serve immediately.

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Find Pachamama products locally at Pure CBD Boutique locations on Los Feliz, in WeHo, and on Hollywood Boulevard as well as at Bristol Farms in Santa Monica and at the Vitamin Barn in Malibu or receive a 20% discount by ordering online at – use code LAWEEKLY20 at checkout.

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