Former Amish Turned Entrepreneur Nathan Garber Shares Best Investment Moves to Make Right Now

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Entrepreneurship doesn’t necessarily mean making tons of money and running a business. It is also about contributing positively to society. From providing employment opportunities to introducing innovative products and services to people, the role of an entrepreneur is dynamic. Some entrepreneurs like Nathan Garber may even go beyond these basic contributions to give back to the community as a philanthropist. From being a part of an Amish and Mennonite Church group to dedicating his life to helping people become more secure, Nathan Garber is now a role model to many who want to be successful in life with a meaningful purpose.

Nathan Garber decided to pivot his life for a good cause. He found his passion in entrepreneurship because that is where he can utilize his creative and organizational skills. Nathan started his first business where he invented various types of equipment for the health industry. His first company grew with a list of reputable clients including Mountain Meadow Herbs, a herbal supplement brand. As his wellness business started escalating, Nathan gravitated toward real estate.

Seeking a different career with new growth opportunities, Nathan sold his health business to become a real estate developer. Nathan soon saw measurable growth in his real estate niche, which made him financially independent. Now he wants to lend a helping hand to his community. He wants people to build a solid source of income in the real estate industry and also through multiple investment channels.

Here are some of Nathan’s tips for investing now:

  1. Storage. Units are great for developers and investors because they are one of the lowest cost commercial facilities to build.
  2. Cash. The current economy is awaiting a huge correction in most areas of real estate except storage because storage has historically been the best investment you can make through ups and downs.
  3. Don’t be in a hurry when you’re looking. Don’t worry about FOMO and don’t give in to your emotions. Just don’t rush when you invest.

Today, Nathan is working as a team with his family in his real estate business. This includes his kids, who are learning the ins and outs of the real estate industry. He is also supporting his community, including single moms and veterans, with the NRG Foundation. Within a year of venturing into the real estate industry, he has already expanded his business into 7 states and now wants his community to follow in his footsteps.

As an investor, Nathan has motivated many people to invest in real estate and see their money grow. His insights into investment strategies are unparalleled. Nathan leverages his knowledge and experiences gained as a realtor over the last couple of years to plan out investments that almost always assure lower risks and higher gains. Investment and the real estate business are not only a part of Nathan’s journey but also an inseparable part of his life.

In addition to being a seasoned realtor and investor, Nathan is also a philanthropist. He is working tirelessly to end human trafficking. Nathan contributes to  fundraiser events to stop human trafficking. He has developed a positive perspective about life and wants to spread the same positivity to the world to help people. He just launched an official website dedicated to the cause of improving his community. People can learn about it and also donate to end this crime in the US, here:

As a storehouse of knowledge in real estate, he is looking forward to scaling up his business to a whole new level in the coming years while also guiding people with educated investment strategies to follow his path to success. Nathan will also continue with his mission to end human trafficking as he considers it the purpose of his life.

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