Forget Sugar, Let’s Talk About Exogenous Ketones 

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Sugar is everywhere, and it’s affecting our physical and mental health in multiple ways. Because of this, scientists and healthcare professionals are working on nutritional solutions that reduce or avoid the intake of this addictive substance. One such solution is the ketogenic diet (or keto, for short), which puts the body in a metabolic state called ketosis. In this state, the body replaces glucose with ketones—which derive from fat cells—as fuel. Ketones generate significantly more energy than glucose and produce considerably fewer free radicals, which are unstable atoms that damage cells, causing illness and accelerating the aging process.

Getting into a state of ketosis usually requires a strict diet which can pose a challenge.  Real Ketone’s supplements greatly simplify this process by quickly inducing this metabolic state. Perhaps the best part about Real Ketones’s products is that you can objectively prove that they work.  There’s a device that you can easily find online or at any drugstore that monitors the ketones in your blood. Plus, its effects on increased energy and focus are easy to notice.

Among all the companies offering ketone supplements, a standout in the field is Real Ketones.

Created in 2013, Real Ketones leads the industry in product design and intellectual property. Its founders, Rob Rogers and Gary Millet, were among the first people to believe in the potential of ketones. They acquired the exclusive licensing of two essential exogenous ketone patents. They proudly pioneered some of the most significant discoveries surrounding the benefits of ketones, most notably the fact that they are the body’s preferred energy source.

When the body goes into ketosis, it converts fat into a molecule called Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB). There are many BHB supplements in the marketplace, but Real Ketones owns the license for exogenous D-BHB, which are the most effective at generating energy and quickly getting the body into a natural state of ketosis. This means Real Ketones is at the tip of the spear for ketone technology.

Real Ketones is also unique in their focus on the holistic benefits of ketosis and the strong belief that the physical energy and mental clarity that ketones provide are the essential building blocks of better personal health. The company wants to educate the public on how to achieve high performance through ketosis. With a varied product line, they have something for everyone regardless of your health and wellness goals.

Prime Shift D-BHB Ketone Powder: This is the best product to get started with ketones without following restrictive nutritional protocols. It can get the body into ketosis quickly (about an hour after taking it) and easily thanks to the convenient stick pack that mixes easily with water. Like other Real Ketones products, it helps reduce food cravings and burn fat. This makes it ideal for intermittent fasting. Simple to prepare, this tasty product also gives you more energy and mental enhancement. It also has MCT oil and  4 essential electrolytes for superior hydration.

Keto Lean for Life Prime: It’s the only clinically proven ketone formula designed to help you stay on track once you reach your wellness goals. Lean for Life has twice the ketones as any other product, as well as MCT, making it ideal for keto-adapted users. It also helps reduce inflammation, stay hydrated, and keep a clear, focused mind.

D-BHB Capsules: This easy-to-use product is another excellent way to get started with the product line. The caps come in both charged (caffeine) and non-charged (caffeine-free). They have two times more D-BHB than any other capsule and are very quickly absorbed. They also work to suppress appetite and increase mental clarity.

D-BHB Melatonin Sleep Capsules: Maintaining ketosis over the course of a good night’s sleep is possible thanks to these caps. They help promote restful sleep while maintaining ketosis levels even when the body is recharging.

D-BHB Apple Cider Vinegar & MCT Capsules: This formula will help you detox and de-stress. It has three essential electrolytes for nerve support and optimal hydration throughout the day. The capsules also contain vitamins and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system.

Thanks to Real Ketones, there’s now an easy way to leave sugar behind. Give your body a better source of fuel that will improve your performance and help you make the best of your day.  If you want to get started on a journey towards a healthier, more energetic you, visit or follow them on Instagram

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