Foresyte Aims to Reshape How We Plan Our Lives

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Managing our busy lives has become increasingly complex in the age of technology. Several mobile applications have hit the market in recent years in effort to address this problem, but few have resonated with the demographic who needs a solution the most—until now. Foresyte is a lifestyle planning app that aims to bring it all together into one place, making it the only platform we’ll ever need for managing the fun parts of our lives.

Foresyte plans to be the one-stop solution for all of life’s various planning needs. The app was created with young professionals in mind, considering their everyday routines and the heavy slate of commitments they have to balance.

Foresyte offers a wide range of valuable features, some of which include a social calendar, budgeting aid, smart travel planner, and more. Foresyte’s social calendar makes it easy to plan events with friends and family and helps when coordinating with large groups or clubs.

The platform’s financial planning features lay out cash flow actuals and guide users to make better planning decisions. The app allows users to interact with a calendar “heatmap” to inform their spending decisions and see how those decisions will impact future finances. Coming this December, Foresyte’s Travel Planner feature will inform expected spend for a trip being planned, based on insights collected from other similar users who’ve traveled to popular destinations. Browse cities worldwide and apply filters regarding expenses and other relevant factors.

According to Foresyte, over 67% of 18 to 34-year-old Americans are currently unserved with budgeting. Issues such as debt, burnout, and anxiety are on the rise, and people need a more effective and efficient budgeting solution that brings it all into one place. Foresyte believes that through their app, people can better understand their financial standing, optimize their spending decisions, and ultimately gain better control over their lives.

Since its launch, Foresyte has produced impressive results, garnering more than 3,500 installs and over 2,000 active users. Overall, the company has seen 90% month-over-month growth. Their testimonials indicate customers are happy. Foresyte also has a growing and engaged following on TikTok and Instagram.

Foresyte’s CEO, Stephen Eddy, says that launching the company has come with no shortage of challenges. Being a team of first-time entrepreneurs tackling consumer tech head-on, it hasn’t been easy breaking through into the market. He also notes that Foresyte has faced the unique challenge of educating the public about a product devoid of comparable alternatives in the market.

When probing for more perspective on his experience, Stephen stated that “when you identify an unsolved problem that everyone faces in your life, you shouldn’t be afraid to tap into your creative abilities to find a solution”. As for the future, Foresyte aims to expand its offering and become a true one-stop-shop for planning and budgeting for the fun parts of life. The company also has a pipeline of exciting Travel Planner features coming this December.

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