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In this quick Flmodafinil review, we will do a comparison to its earlier variants and bring out some research into potential benefits and side effects.

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Let’s get started and jump right into our Flmodafinil review.

What Is Flmodafinil?

The research done on Flmodafinil (CRL-40,940; also known as bisfluoromodafinil or lauflamide), found that it is the bisfluoro analogue compound of modafinil. Flmodafinil is a racemic compound made up of a mixture of two enantiomers in a 50:50 ratio.

The molecular structure of Flmodafinil looks a lot like that of modafinils’. It has two additional fluorine groups attached to the original modafinil molecular structure to make it flmodafinil.

Flmodafinil was created with some unique advantages compared to its precursors adrafinil, modafinil and armodafinil. Research found that people who take CRL-40,940 experience fewer side-effects or have less severe side effects. CRL-40,940 effects also last up to three times longer than that of modafinil.

The inventors claim that their scientific research indicates that Flmodafinil is much stronger than its parent compound. The reason for this being those two additional fluorine groups. By adding two fluorine groups to the modafinil molecular structure, you can increase the compound’s bioavailability. Having a compound with a higher bioavailability means the compound is more readily absorbed and will have a longer-lasting effect.

Flmodafinil is a non-amphetamine nootropic chemical, classified as part of the eugeroic drug group, alongside adrafiniland modafinil. Eugeroic drugs refer to drugs that promote wakefulness and mental alertness to increase your focus and concentration.

Nootropic drugs such as adrafinil, modafinil, Adderall and methylphenidate have been researched and used since the early 1970s to treat narcolepsy and other idiopathic hypersomnia conditions that can leave you sleep-deprived.  In more recent years, nootropic drugs have also been used to treat conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

A popular off-label or household use for drugs like Flmodafinil is frequently found amongst students and young working professionals. In these cases, Flmodafinil is more commonly used as a cognitive enhancer to assist with studying or provide extra focus while working.

Flmodafinil Benefits

Due to modafinil and Flmodafinil having very similar molecular structures, we can expect similar or overlapping benefits between these two research chemicals.

The benefits of modafinil have been well-researched and documented, whereas research on Flmodafinil benefits requires further studies to fully understand its working mechanism. Known benefits of Flmodafinil so far from anecdotal sources online include:

1)   Increased Alertness And Wakefulness

Medical research on Modafinil, Flmodafinil and other stimulants of the same sort has been shown to have selective Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor (DRI) properties. DRI drugs are used to increase extracellular dopamine levels by binding to the dopamine receptors in the brain.

Flmodafinil achieves its DRI ability by binding to the dopamine receptors in the brain, increasing dopamine levels in the brain. Higher dopamine levels reduce the feeling of fatigue and promote wakefulness.

2)   Improved Cognitive Performance And Memory

Flmodafinil affects multiple neurotransmitters within the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, histamine and norepinephrine. Thus, resulting in an overall stimulation and increased brain activity.

Flmodafinil increases extracellular levels of these neurotransmitters, whilst inhibiting glutamate breakdown. This optimizes neural communication between the synapses, improving memory and enhancing learning capabilities through prolonged focus.

3)   Enhanced Mood And Motivation

There have been anecdotal reports of Flmodafinil having antidepressant and anti-aggressive abilities. This could, once again, be attributed to Flmodafinils’ DRI properties. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with your motivation, better known as the “feel good” hormone. When taking Flmodafinil, dopamine levels in your body are increased, enhancing your mood and motivation.

However, thanks to Flmodafinil’s high bioavailability and long half-life, the enhanced mood and motivation will last longer than that of modafinil.

4)   Neuroprotective Abilities

The most recent research indicates that modafinil and its analogues can have beneficial neuroprotective effects, keeping your brain healthy and in good working order for longer periods. Research found that as with modafinil, Flmodafinil inhibits the glutamate breakdown in the brain.

Additionally, this drug increases the positive modulation of glutamate receptors, contributing to memory improvements. CRL-40,940 also limits oxidation in the brain, protecting it from oxidative stress and actually making your brain age slower.

5)   Anti-Aggressive Effect

While researching Flmodafinil, animal studies on mice indicated anti-aggressive properties in those mice that received Flmodafinil.

The anti-aggressive properties of Flmodafinil are still undergoing research to verify and validate this claim. This could, however, may just be the case – increased dopamine reduces agitation and makes you feel more relaxed. Thus, decreasing the probability of aggression.

6)   Better-Regulated Body Temperature

Common side effects while taking stimulants include fluctuating body temperatures during the day, but that’s not the case when you are taking this medication.

Flmodafinil Side Effects

Nootropics users have reported fewer side effects with Flmodafinil when compared to other drugs. This, however, is only based on anecdotal reports and has not yet been confirmed by research and clinical findings.

Since this is an analogue of modafinil, we can expect some of the similar side effects. Possible Flmodafinil side effects may include:

1)   Insomnia

Flmodafinil works as a powerful nootropic with effects reported lasting between 12 to 15 hours. Therefore, if it is taken too late in the day or taken as a high dose, you could experience nocturnal insomnia, causing sleep deprivation.

2)   Weight Loss

Clinical trials and research into other stimulants have shown these to cause a reduced or a suppressed appetite. This decrease in appetite will prompt you to eat less food, contributing to weight loss. However, some might not consider this a negative effect at all.

You should keep in mind though, that Flmodafinil is not intended to be used as a weight management drug.

3)   Headaches

The increased focus that Flmodafinil offers can result in hyper-focusing on a task and forgetting to properly hydrate or eat to maintain adequate blood sugar levels.

Headaches are one frequently reported side effect of modafinil, and we could assume it might be a common adverse effect associated with Flmodafinil, too.

4)   Gastrointestinal Problems

Another well-known side effect of stimulants like modafinil is gastrointestinal issues. These may include nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea.

Clinical Trials And Human Consumption Safety

Flmodafinil is still a very new drug and is yet undergoing clinical trials and safety research.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has warned the public to use Flmodafinil at their own risk. The FDA advises rather wait until CRL-40,940 is in its final development before using it.

Flmodafinil is currently classified as a research chemical and not as a drug safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, this means that the FDA cannot be held accountable for any adverse effects you may experience when you are taking the drug.

People taking Flmodafinil should be extra cautious when taking it to prevent any adverse side effects.

1)   Drug Interactions

Drug interactions might occur between Flmodafinil and some anti-depressants, especially if the anti-depressant is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). This interference of Flmodafinil with an SSRI could result in Serotonin Syndrome. Serotonin Syndrome is caused due to an imbalance in serotonin levels that could bring about extreme anxiety, increased agitation and loss of coordination.

Other possible drug interactions include antifungal medication, anti-seizure medication and blood thinners.

2)   Substance Interactions

It is advised to not mix any medication with any illicit substances or alcohol. Mixing your medication with substances like alcohol increases the risk of seizures and other more severe adverse effects.

3)   Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not be taking CRL 40,940 or other supplements of this sort because these could be harmful to the baby or unborn fetus.

Is Flmodafinil Legal?

Yes, Flmodafinil is completely legal in most countries. In 2013, CRL-40,940 was patented, and phase 1 of the clinical trial started in 2015.

Unlike modafinil, CRL-40,940 does not require a prescription and is not considered a schedule IV drug. You can buy this compound in a much easier way compared to others.

Flmodafinil Dosage

Flmodafinil or CRL-40, 940 does not have a recommended dose or dosage guidelines available yet. However, online anecdotal evidence recommends starting with a low dose and gradually increasing the Flmodafinil dose to a higher one.

Once again, due to the similarities to modafinil, the recommended dose used by most people is the recommendation for the modafinil dose per day.

Online dosage guidelines recommend starting at a low dose of 150mg (CRL-40,940), take one per day, early in the morning. If this dosage seems too strong, you can decrease your dose to 75mg (CRL-40,940) once a day.

CRL-40,940 dosage can be increased to 200mg per day, but should not exceed a Flmodafinil dosage of 200mg to prevent any adverse events from occurring.

It’s also important to remember that the compound has a high bioavailability. So, the stimulation effects you get from 200mg modafinil can be achieved with a smaller dose of Flmodafinil. This bis fluoro analogue of modafinil is three times stronger than modafinil!

Always consult your healthcare provider before taking any medication, even if it’s just for household uses.

Modafinil vs Flmodafinil

In the 1970s, two French scientists discovered the first smart drug, called Adrafinil. They soon realized that this compound promotes wakefulness and was first used to treat different sleeping disorders. However, the downside to Adrafinil was that it had to be metabolized by the body first.

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They continued their research on Adrafinil and found the active ingredient of Adrafinil called modafinil.

The chemical modafinil is a racemic compound of which the precise mechanism of working is not fully understood yet. It’s a non-amphetamine substance with stimulating effects on the brain, making modafinil an ideal alternative to amphetamine-based medication, such as d-amphetamine or dextroamphetamine (D-AMP).

D-amphetamine is an amphetamine-based medication that healthcare professionals used to treat attention deficit disorder and impulsivity disorder.

Continued research revealed that Modafinil is a well-tolerated drug that serves as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor with fewer side effects and improved absorption, compared to adrafinil.

Research into these chemicals continued, and a drug test anal. In addition, the degradation of modafinil, modafinic acid and adrafinil were done. The results showed that when modafinil, modafinic acid and adrafinil degrades, they degrade into two compounds.

Namely, diphenylmethanol and 1,1,2,2-tetraphenylethane (TPE), with its tetra fluoro analog. Thus, making modafinil the parent compound of Flmodafinil.

This new modafinil analogue, bisfluoromodafinil, showed that adrafinil and modafinil have shorter half-life periods. Both adrafinil and modafinil have lower bioavailabilities and more adverse side effects, too.

The evidence provided so far makes bis fluoro modafinil seem like the superior choice in this flmodafinil vs modafinil debate, but is it really so?

The most notable difference between these two compounds would be that Modafinil is a schedule IV medication, and you must have a prescription to purchase it in some countries. However, Modafinil is also FDA-approved and is proven to be safe for human consumption.

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Whereas, flmodafinil is not considered to be a scheduled medication, and only as a research chemical. Therefore, you will be able to buy it without a prescription, making it easily accessible. This might change with time, but for that to happen, the FDA must approve Flmodafinil first.

Where Can You Buy Flmodafinl?

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