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Unlike how things were three decades ago, nowadays it is commonplace for everyone to actively use computers, internet and mobile phones on a daily basis. You can see children glued to their smartphone, laptop and tablet screens, worrying parents incessantly about their privacy in the cyber world.

Actually, there is plenty for kids to explore online.

However, with such exploration, there is also a good chance that they might encounter unwanted elements. Keeping in mind that kids are so addicted to the smart devices nowadays, parents can be seen implementing modern-day technologies, which enable them to track their children’s devices without their knowledge. In this context, mobile phone monitoring software have been in great demand over the years. They empower parents to keep a regular check on their kids’ off-line and online activities.

There are all kinds of monitoring and spying apps available in the market today, but having had a close look at most of them, we have figured that they don’t really match up to the standards set by FlexiSpy.

FlexiSpy has emerged as one of the slightly more expensive, but leading spying apps you can ever lay your hands on. Considering its efficacy, it’s only natural that this product is priced a little higher than its peers in the market.

There is a well-known argument heard in the market today, which is that all such monitoring and spying apps work in the same manner and do the same job. While some are affordable, others can be out of budget for most people.

Therefore, why opt for FlexiSpy, when there are many other similar apps being offered at a better price?

Let’s carry out a detailed review of FlexiSpy, and get a good answer to this question and many more.

Company background

We were few minutes into our online research and we discovered that FlexiSpy Ltd., the company behind this software, makes solid claims being the industry leader in development of such products. They talk about designing professional grade and highly efficient monitoring software for large corporates too. Furthermore, their claims include them being the only company offering cross-platform spying solutions for iPhones, Android Phones, Mac, PC and other devices.

Delving a little deeper into the background of this company, we discovered they are the same ones who launched the Commercial Spy Phone way back in 2006. Anyone who’s been following this market for that long, would remember how that product disrupted this market and received amazing reviews all over the Internet. Why FlexiSpy has earned great repute for being a tech leader in this space, originates from its GPRS-based delivery and it being the only product which efficiently delivers live call interception facility for iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry and others.

FlexiSpy Ltd is an all-round organisation which not just designs and develops its own products, but services and supports them too. The company has ample in-house expertise to be able to stand firmly behind their offerings, and provide world-class customer service, unmatched refund policy and detailed documentation to all their customers.

Which All Devices Does Flexispy Support?

Have you ever fallen for something useless, and ended up paying your hard-earned money for it? This can be easily related to the purchase of a spying app, which turns out to be incompatible with the device you wish to monitor.

One of the biggest selling points of FlexiSpy app is that it is compatible with majority of the smart devices / phones being used in the market today. The app shows a lot of versatility, and is compatible with multiple platforms including PC, iOS and Android. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about FlexiSpy’s compatibility.

FlexiSpy for iOS

FlexiSpy has undoubtedly proven to be a comprehensive spying tool recording and extracting information from any target Apple device. Once it has been installed on the target phone or device, you can easily monitor the concerned iPad or iPhone’s activities. The software is compatible with all iOS devices running OS 1.x to 14.x.

FlexiSpy for Android

If you’re keen on acquiring a robust spying software for an Android device, FlexiSpy may be the answer to your prayers. As against the other spyware sold in the market, which only support a limited versions of Android OS, FlexiSpy works perfectly well on majority of Android devices. The software has been found to be compatible with all Android versions from 4 and upwards.

FlexiSpy for Computers

The way things stand today, it’s very difficult to keep kids and technology away from each other. In case your child hasn’t been handed his / her first smart phone yet, there is a good likelihood that s/he is already using a computer. And with Internet connectivity being common on all the computers these days, it becomes important to monitor your children’s activities on their laptops / desktops.

On the other hand are big businesses who store data worth millions of dollars on their systems. It becomes even more important for these organisations to constantly monitor the activities happening on the company-owned desktop and laptop computers.

Using FlexiSpy for computers you can effectively monitor all the activities on computers running Microsoft Windows 7 and upwards, and all Apple computers running any of the well-known version of Mac OS including Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra.

Whenever we talk about such monitoring software and smartphones, a very important question instantly comes to the mind.

Does Flexispy Requires Jailbreaking Or Rooting Of The Target Smartphone?

Please note, FlexiSpy makes it mandatory that the target smartphone should be jailbroken or rooted, in order to facilitate its efficient monitoring. And in order to do that, you will require physical access to that mobile phone. Having said that, some of the features of FlexiSpy’s Android version may still work without rooting.

We discovered that the jailbreaking or rooting requirement is by far the only limitation we witnessed in the FlexiSpy software. And to be honest, this process is actually important too if you want to gain comprehensive access to the target mobile phone’s activities, and efficiently learn about each and everything happening on it.

It’s not without any reason that FlexiSpy has been recognised as the best mobile monitoring software in the marketplace, time and again.

FlexiSpy Features

As emphasized earlier, FlexiSpy is widely considered the most feature-rich spying application. There are lots of exclusive and popular features offered by the app, which are nowhere to be seen in amongst its top competitors in the market. Please note, if you’re after an all-round, holistic spying app, which crosses all the boundaries in helping you comprehensively monitor mobile phones, FlexiSpy will prove to be the best choice for you. Let’s acquaint you with some of its most talked-about features:

Holistic call tracking

While almost all the spying apps worth their money offer the ability to track calls on the target mobile phones, you’re going to find the same features available with the FlexiSpy app too, but with a notable difference. In case of FlexiSpy, you will get many more additional call tracking related features, which can be immensely useful in their own unique ways.

To give you an example, FlexiSpy enables you to intercept and record calls, a feature that is not available with many competing apps in the market. Additionally, it’s not only the regular phone calls you can track, the app allows you to also track the calls over popular IM apps. The call recording facility gets extended to calls made using apps like WhatsApp, Vibe, Skype, LINE, Google Hangouts and Facebook. There is a call logging facility available for the target devices too.

Web tracking

When you use FlexiSpy, you are easily able to track the web browser activities on the target device too. In fact, such tracking can be done in real time, as the target individual opens and closes the webpages. Other than that, you get access to the web history as well. It’s worth noting that though you may be able to check the web history and activities on the target device, you cannot block any such activity.

Listening to and recording the phone’s surroundings

The app enables you to listen to the surroundings of the target phone and record all the conversations happening around it. It’s possible to do this even live. This feature is exclusive to the FlexiSpy software and can’t be easily found in any other similar apps being sold in the market today.

Keywords based SMS deletion

Another exclusive feature of FlexiSpy, this one allows you to delete SMS messages on the target device, based on a certain keyword.

Keyword alerts

As per this feature, you can get instantly notified whenever the target user looks up a particular keyword on his/her device. This can be pretty helpful in preventing the monitored individual from using any of the unwanted, red flagged words such as ‘rape’, ‘drugs’, ‘porn’ etc., thereby potentially keeping him / her away from any harm.

Easy capturing of wallpaper, audio, photo and/or video

The FlexiSpy tool makes it very easy to capture wallpapers, photos, videos and audios on the target device. Although such features are also commonly offered by other spying apps in the market, they don’t normally extend it to all these options. FlexiSpy is actually one of its kind spying tool which empowers you to capture so many things, with one single tool.


As can be gauged, this feature is essentially about logging in all the keystrokes on the target device, whether it’s a computer or a mobile phone. Using this feature, you can learn exactly what the monitored individual has been typing, and can also give you a fair idea about the kind of websites they’ve been using, or people they’ve been interacting with. Please note, using the keylogger feature you can log all keystrokes, irrespective of the app they’ve been typed into.

Spoof SMS

Another unique feature which not many spying software can boast of, spoof SMS enables you to send invisible SMS messages from the target mobile phone, to any contact available in their contact book. Additionally, there is no limit on the number of contacts you can send such spoof messages to. The sent message will appear like just any other regular text message sent from that mobile phone, without any visible evidence in the phone’s outbox or sent folder.

App screenshots

Not many spying apps out there offer this service to their users. The app screenshot feature gives you the power to take screenshots of different applications being used on the target mobile phone, from a remote location. The captured screenshots can then be uploaded to the app’s online server, for easy viewing later. You will first need to select the apps you’d like to apply this feature to. Then whenever the user will open any of the selected apps, bringing it to the foreground, ‘App Screenshot’ feature will get activated and capture a screenshot of that app. The trigger can be anything like a tap on any part of the screen.

Remote uninstallation of the software

After you’re done tracking the target phone/device, and have obtained all the information you wanted, you can silently uninstall the FlexiSpy software from the target phone / device. Simultaneously, it is also possible to prevent the uninstallation of the software from the target phone / device, by anyone using it.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the software offers many more including remote upgrade, remote restart, free updates, geo-fencing (a very critical feature for parents), call logs, anytime renewal, battery status checking and more.

How To Get Started With Flexispy?

To begin using FlexiSpy, you’ll first need to buy a licensed copy of the software. Thereafter, you will need to physically access the target device at least once, to install the FlexiSpy app on it. Below provided are some easy steps to acquaint you with the entire process.

Step 1 – Opt for a package based on your needs, on the FlexiSpy official website. Once you complete your purchase, your account will get created and the credentials will be sent to the email address provided by you at the time of sign up.

Step 2 – Click on the link emailed to you, which will take you to the login page on the FlexiSpy portal. This is where you’ll enter your username and password, to gain access to the FlexiSpy dashboard.

Step 3 – As soon as you login, you’d be taken to the FlexiSpy dashboard, where you’ll get to see the package you opted for. Click on the package and visit the next page to choose the platform you’d like to install the FlexiSpy app on.

Please keep in mind that if you select an iPad or iPhone running iOS 9.2 or higher, as the target device, it would need to be tethered or jailbroken for the FlexiSpy software to work on it.

Step 4 – Follow each and every step and instruction provided on the FlexiSpy portal. Once you complete the last step, you’d be able to successfully download and install the right version of the app, on to the target device.

How Much Does Flexispy Cost?

When it comes to the cost of the FlexiSpy app, it has a separate pricing structure for the mobile phones and a separate one for computers and tablet PCs. Every package varies based on the kind of features offered. Here’s a quick rundown of the FlexiSpy prices:

FlexiSpy phone monitoring costs

Lite package – $ 29.95 per month

Offers some essential and basic monitoring features, which are ideal for people on a budget.

Premium package – $ 68 per month / $ 99 per quarter / $ 149 per year

Offers all-round monitoring of mobile phone activities, providing more features than any competing product in the market.

Extreme package – $ 199 per quarter / $ 349 per year

Best suited for people who require superior, detective-level monitoring; includes recording of every audio stream, apart from many other useful tools. For iPhones, there is an additional option of $ 19.99 per week, which works best for tethered iPhones.

FlexiSpy computer and tablet monitoring costs

  • 1 month subscription: $ 68
  • 3 months’ subscription: $ 99
  • 12 months’ subscription: $ 149

Is It Illegal To Use Flexispy Monitoring App?

If we talk about the legality of the FlexiSpy monitoring app, it would be best that you refer to the stalking, privacy and spying related laws in your state / country of residence. These laws vary from region to region, and country to country. Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that it’s not illegal to install this kind of monitoring app on a mobile phone owned by you. On the other hand, if you don’t own the target device or haven’t obtained explicit permission for installing such a software on it, you may have no legal rights to buy a product like FlexiSpy. The developers of this app recommend that you take the person you’re planning to monitor, into confidence prior to installing this app.

Other than that, it is normally considered alright to track people immediately related to you, such as your spouse, siblings or children. However, use your own best discretion in every such case.

Flexispy Customer Care

Counted amongst the best spying and monitoring software organisations in terms of customer care, FlexiSpy provides round-the-clock support to all the customers of the product. You can visit FlexiSpy’s official website and begin their live web chat service at any time of the day or night, to receive qualified assistance. But please be aware, there may be a queue or waiting line for any such assistance. Hence, simply wait for your turn and a helpful executive will soon be there to address your concerns or queries. Alternatively, you can also reach them through their dedicated customer service phone number.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, we found FlexiSpy to be an excellent application for anyone who requires un-restrained phone / device / computer monitoring. Having studied multiple such apps in the market today, we can state with great confidence that FlexiSpy is the best of all.

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