This week in our print edition, LA Weekly critics review five movies coming out this weekend. Also check out Sam Wasson's confrontation of Terrence Malick, as he writes, “Perhaps it's time to reach for the light, prop up against the headboard and give this relationship some fresh consideration. Are we in love with Malick, or the idea of him?”

Now for the new movies:

5. J. Hoberman says of the much-anticipated Super 8, “A big-bang demolition derby, J.J. Abrams' much-anticipated, greatly enjoyable Super 8 seems bound for box office glory.”


4. Hoberman also reviews The Trip, writing, “Verbal as it is, The Trip could almost work as a radio show. Set pieces include a Wimbledon-worthy volley of Woody Allen one-liners and, most touchingly, a lusty rendition of ABBA's classic breakup song “The Winner Takes It All.'”

Karina Longworth interviews the movie's Steve Coogan about what it's like to play himself for the third time.

3. Melissa Anderson reviews Viva Riva!, now playing at the Nuart, the first film “from the Democratic Republic of Congo to be distributed in the U.S. That in itself is worthy of some kind of celebration, even if Viva Riva! too lazily indulges in shapeless genre excess.

2. Michelle Orange takes on Bride Flight: “'It's complete,' grizzled, wistful Frank (Rutger Hauer) says in the opening scene of Bride Flight, right before he croaks among the well-groomed rows of his New Zealand vineyard. 'I'm a happy farmer.' With that, the reunion of three women whose lives (and more) he touched is set into motion, along with flashbacks to the quartet's youth.”

1. Nick Schager writes, “At the risk of being a Debbie Downer, watching Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer is akin to being trapped in the ADHD-addled mind of an adolescent hopped up on too much Ritalin.”

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