Savannah Wright is a fitness model, influencer who started a fitness program of her own when she could not find one that worked for her. Through her own fitness journey, she became an influencer and now shares her methods through a custom workout program. Wright sat down to share with us some of the ways she maintains a positive mindset.

Being in fitness and in front of so many people has to be stressful, how do you keep yourself in a positive mindset?

Savannah Wright: It can be very stressful, and it is really easy to let yourself get stuck in that. I try not to play the “what if” game because that just feeds the fear of failure. I try to maintain confidence, and I am really big on positive affirmations. I do that every day. Mental health is a big priority, so maintaining a balance, and making time for that is important.

You mention maintaining confidence, how do you keep yourself focused and confident in your business?

Savannah Wright: I believe in making things happen through positive intent. You have to be open to manifesting things, to making the things you want to happen. It is a mindset, look at the world like you are going to conquer it, and then believe enough in yourself that you can make it happen. If I believe I can be the best in the world at this, then I can be.

How important is keeping an open mind?

Savannah Wright: Keeping an open mind is so, so important. Do not get so caught up in your idea of what something should be, that you let opportunities pass you by. Be open to new ideas, to new partnerships, and to new ways of doing things, and do not let yourself get too wrapped up in your own idea of what things should look like that you do not grow.

How do you keep yourself on track, and so positive all the time?

Savannah Wright: I stay on track by keeping a clear vision of what I want to do. I am always wiring this down, like a vision board, and changing things as I go. This keeps me focused on goals. Define yourself, who you want to be in your industry, then create a clear path to get there. Staying on that path is part of keeping that vision going.

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