FitBurn App by CEO & Co-Founder Ferhat Kacmaz  becomes  the first crypto project to partner with MR OLYMPIA

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Experts call the unique burn-to-earn platform a revolutionary step ahead in the fit-tech world as recently it also partnered with Mr. Olympia as the first crypto project to do so.

Closely when people look around them, they will find how a few bold choices and courageous decisions of a few entrepreneurs and founders made all the difference there is today in industries around the world. They will also notice how they left no stone unturned in making sure to work upon ideas that could take those industries multiple steps forward in unbelievable ways. The fitness world is currently stunned by one such crypto project named FitBurn, which has become the “first” in many aspects. Read on to know more.

FitBurn is one of those rare move-to-earn models which was given a twist making it a burn-to-earn model in order to imbue more motivation and inspiration in people in their fitness journeys and help them lead a healthier lifestyle while also making sure to earn from every droplet of their sweat during their workouts. This is the whole idea of FitBurn, to reward users by helping them earn money through workouts as the first burn-to-earn app in the world. Users can earn money through the app in the form of Calorie Coin (CAL) by holding a gamified T-shirt NFT.

It is a unique platform that now continues to take over the fitness industry by making several notable collaborations like the one they recently made with Mr. Olympia, considered to be a highly revered fitness event in the industry. FitBurn has become the first project to become the title sponsor of the Olympia Weekend Expo. This has attracted the attention of many, seeing this event as a bridge between cryptocurrencies and sports. It will also open gateways for more growth opportunities for such fit-tech projects as the event will see the who’s who of the sporting world with prominent fitness experts, bodybuilders and others. The event will take place from 16th to 18th December 2022 at the Venetian resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The team at FitBurn is excited to be a part of this massive fitness event, and speaking on the same, serial entrepreneur, and Co-Founder Ferhat Kacmaz (@ferhatkacmaz) says, “FitBurn is a one-of-a-kind burn-to-earn app, and it becoming a title sponsor for the event has come as a pride moment for the team. We are proud to call FitBurn an innovator in the crypto world that can take over the whole of the fitness world.”

Through FitBurn, users can earn CAL tokens for every calorie burned, and they can also trade these tokens on the crypto marketplace, purchase various fitness products/services, get discounts, upgrade their NFTs, and do much more.

FitBurn ( has already created tremendous momentum and headlines in the fit-tech world and aims to continue doing that.

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