Via Pitchfork–Wild Flag is band pretty much everyone (including possibly L.A. WEEKLY) decided to call a “supergroup,” and that's because Wild Flag has Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony, Rebecca Cole, and Janet Weiss. (And that is Sleater-Kinney, Helium, the Minders, Quasi and more.) But until now, they've been pretty much a theoretical supergroup, thanks to a band stance on not releasing any music online. Says their Myspace, cruelly:

What is the sound of an avalanche taking out a dolphin? What do get when you cross a hamburger with a hot dog? The answer is: WILD FLAG. […] Apt adjectives for describing the band's music: wild. Also: flaggy.

And later, they explained further:

We get a lot of inquiries as to when people can hear Wild Flag. We've answered this question before but here it is again: you can hear us on tour first.

Fair enough–might be kind of nice to walk into a room (like Spaceland on Friday) without every possible recorded moment of a band cooling down on a flash drive in your pocket–without any expectations at all. (Well, except early rumors that they were covering the Standells' “Dirty Water”!)

But as usual the Internet tramples everything, and today the first videos of Wild Flag went online. Spoilers within.

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