First Rounds On Me: Real Dating is Hot Again, with FROME Bringing It To Your Very Screens!

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The dating world has undergone quite a refining in the past decade. With the evolution of technology, more people are turning to dating apps for convenience. However, online dating is often a gamble: you may get lucky and find your forever match, but most people do not. The common complaints are endless conversations with people with no relationship in view or time wasters that are not looking to go on a date. In addition, users on most platforms rarely put value into making a real connection; it’s always a numbers game and endless swiping.

If you’re tired of all the games and ghosting, this new dating app might be your one-stop platform. First Rounds on Me, AKA FROME, is the latest app in the online dating space, putting an end to the constant search for love. Unlike other apps that offer instant gratification, FROME provides the best of all blends- using an app and the opportunity to experience an authentic, old-school, classic human connection. Joe Feminella, the founder and CEO of FROME, has always favored the old way of finding love, which he hopes to replicate.

“Before I moved to NYC 5 years ago, I always had a more traditional/old school mind set when it came to my interest in women. If I saw someone I thought was attractive or interesting, I would easily, with no hesitation, approach her and say hello,” Feminella shares. However, he quickly discovered it was pretty difficult to approach women in NYC and realized dating apps weren’t just for people who lacked confidence. It was a current trend, a newly accustomed way of doing things, so he, therefore, decided to join the crowd to experience firsthand what the online dating world has to offer.

Unfortunately, even after swiping through an endless sea of “eligible partners,” Feminella was no closer to finding love. He concluded these apps weren’t great for singles looking for something more than just one-night stands or hookups, and this spurred him to create FROME.

Available in LA and NYC, FROME has several cool features that differentiate it from the competition. First, users can send an actual date request to someone they’re interested in instead of simply liking and waiting for them to respond. Through this option, users can pick a chosen drink, time, and place and then send off the date to the person of interest; the receiver can accept, reject or suggest a new date. This removes the “I don’t know what to do,” which is a big turn-off for people.

Another cool feature is that you can only have one confirmed date daily. Feminella explains that this helps users put an actual value on the people they connect with by giving them full attention for that day. In addition, you can only chat on the app 6 hours before your date time. This gives users an avenue to long for each other and, more importantly, prevents them from becoming mere pen pals or getting to know each other exhaustively over the phone. This ensures they are serious about meeting up and finding someone they want to spend time with in person instead of endless chats leading nowhere.

Feminella’s dream is to scale the app and make it a big player among industry giants like Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder. But, more than that, he wants to give people a real shot at love in a world that sometimes feels like a circus.


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