First Class Tattoos: A Place to Get Tattooed

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First Class Tattoos is a professional tattoo studio in New York City that decided they were not just going to provide tattooing services but also education. Learning about tattoos from the professionals who hold up their end of the bargain is essential; it’s a surgical procedure.

First Class Tattoos offers information to both professionals and clients who wish to learn about the art of tattooing. On our website we have many written work that describes each tattoo styles, answers to important inking questions, blog posts and more. We not only want to be a place for you to get inked but also a resource for knowledge of the tattoo industry.

The First-Class Tattoos’ Artist:

First Class Tattoos’ artists are certified professionals in their field, and they are at the top of their craft and some even have over 20 years of experience. The staff consists of over 5 artists and guest artist who join us from around the world. Each artist has a distinct style, so they can be sure to offer a tattoo that will please each client, no matter what type they prefer.

First Class Tattoos specializes in custom tattoos, so the art is unique to each individual. The shop does all kinds of tattooing: Fine lines, colors, and black & grey. First Class does not ink anyone under the age of 18 and requires legal photo ID for appointments.

First Class Tattoos’ Philosophy:

First Class Tattoos believes that tattoos are a way to express one’s personality and individuality. Everyone has their style, so the goal of First Class Tattoos is to not impose religion or politics on anyone who enters its doors. First Class Tattoos wants their clients to come back and make new friends while they enjoy getting inked. They want to provide a First Class experience, spread positivity and be a safe space for those who wish to create beautiful pieces with their artists. It is truly a collaboration.

Ideal client:

First Class Tattoos believes everyone is unique. This is why they offer custom tattooing to cater to their clients’ needs. First Class Tattoos believes in a positive environment and only wish to help educate their customers, making it an excellent place for anyone to enjoy a fantastic tattoo. First Class Tattoos provides education on the craft and serves as a resource for their clients and other independent artists and tattoo studios.


First Class Tattoos has many resources that they offer their clients and students. These include , pamphlets for afercare, photo galleries, blog posts and more. All the resources are positive, educational, and resourceful. The photo galleries are an excellent way for potential clients to see what certain tattoos look like when they are completed. First Class Tattoos wants everyone to be educated about the craft before they decide about getting a tattoo because it is an investment that you will always have on your body for the rest of your life.

Types of Tattoos at First Class Tattoos :

  1. Water Color Tattoos:

Watercolor tattoos take simple deign and that extra flare to it. They have an effect as though someone has taken a paintbrush to your skin. There are many interpretations of this technique but most choose to leave out the black ink and line work completely and depend more on gradual shading and subtle shifts in color.

  1. Black & Grey Tattoos:

Black and grey is a style of tattooing that only uses different shades of black ink. Black and grey techniques are often employed for a variety of tattoos. One of the most popular back & grey styles is realism! Black and grey techniques are usually the base for all tattoos even colored pieces!

  1. Fine Line Tattoos:

Fine line pieces for great for people who want something delicate but eye catching. Most pieces will be on the smaller side but big fine line work can be done! We recommend going to someone who specializes in this specific tattoo because due to the very minimal detail clean lines are a must.

  1. Trash Polka Tattoos:

Trash Polka tattoos are prevalent in Europe, but they are just making their way to America. They consist of realism, geometric shapes, abstract work, words and various other patterns. First Class Tattoos has added unique, high-quality designs to the Trash Polka style. We have artist who specializes specifically in this type of still which is very hard to find in NYC.


First Class Tattoos is a professional tattoo studio located in New York City. They provide services for both clients and students. Everyone has the opportunity to learn about tattoos from professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field. There are various resources available for the clients, including our blog posts on our website, after care pamphlets, photo galleries, and othe links on our website that are educational and resourceful. First Class Tattoos believe that their work is an investment in one’s body for a lifetime because it is something that will never go away.

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