Finding Success Through Failure: Serial Entrepreneur and Investor, Dr. Alexa D’Agostino Shares Her Story

Dr. Alexa D’Agostino has been on an entrepreneurial journey since she was just a teenager. At 18-years-old, she established her own company and sold it for millions just six years later. Obviously, her success was unexpected and unheard of in the business realm, but the best part is that her business career is still ongoing.

Dr. D’Agostino came with her family to the United States when she was just a child. At 8-years-old she discovered her passion for business and entrepreneurship selling ice cream to neighbors and upselling books. Her passion for entrepreneurship only grew with time.

She took hundreds of businesses under her wing and helped turn their ideas into multi-million dollar brands and finally found her biggest passion. She began working with large brands such as Apple, American Express, and Skype to take their business to the next level. Dr. D’Agostino sold her company to one of the largest advertising agencies in the nation, prompting her to go back and pursue a Ph.D., ultimately teaching others how she obtained her success.

Dr. D’Agostino comes from a long line of successful business owners in Cuba who moved to the United States to push their success even more. Since the beginning of her journey as an entrepreneur, D’Agostino has sold many companies.

Not only has she learned how to build and sell businesses for extensive capital, but she is also the owner of 15 successful businesses, including some worth eight and nine figures. Dr. D’Agostino has successfully been a part of five exits and closed sales on $350 million businesses.

As of today, she runs Marketing by Modification, Passion to CEO, and SPICE, while also coaching other entrepreneurs on how to get their business going successfully. Her program teaches a systematic approach to building a business that involves proven methods for success.

“We go against the grain of most coaching programs and eliminate all silver bullet tactics, building out companies for profitability and sustainability,” she shared in an interview.

But the thing about success is that mistakes are inevitable and should be welcomed. Dr. D’Agostino openly shares about her mistakes so others can learn too. Making mistakes is human and inevitable when you are an entrepreneur, and Dr. D’Agostino believes sharing the mistakes is the best way for others to learn.

She shared that one of her funniest mistakes was a proofing issue at 20-years-old. She was creating an advertisement for a major publication that she proofed and gave one minor change. Turns out that the minor change she had given was using the wrong written out “principle” which was supposed to be “principal.” Being able to laugh at past mistakes and move on is vital in the business world. Some mistakes made are heavier than a misspelled word, but every failure can turn into success if utilized correctly.

Dr. Alexa D’Agostino is a successful entrepreneur with a passion to help others reach their own success. She believes that life is too short to settle for things you don’t want. Find out more about her incredible journey on her Instagram or her website.

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