I’ve had a hard time focusing lately. As a full-time writer and mom, I’ve been finding it difficult to stay on task and be present. My writer’s block has become a vicious enemy, and I often find myself watching Storybots more than my kids are. Perhaps a byproduct of three months in isolation, the stress of current events, or my less than ideal quarantine diet – maybe the sinister combination of all three – my mind feels clouded and my motivation is at a zero. I need a focus formula – something packed with brain boosting ingredients – to help me stay alert and fight off my symptoms of stress.

When a friend suggested CBD to me, I was hesitant at first. I was more so interested in supplements, plant-powered products and vitamins to help me regain my focus. That’s when I found gold with FOCL’s Day and Night wellness stacks.

A motto of the brand is “feeling better is everything.” I agreed, so I dove head first into trying them out. Made with premium, broad-spectrum hemp CBD and a special blend of botanicals and adaptogens, FOCL’s products are both unique and very effective. FOCL uses the best of Mother Nature’s ingredients to support your body and mind, helping you to tune out your daily stressors while supporting a calm sense of focus and a healthy brain.

Not only was FOCL everything I was looking for in one plant-powered wellness product, but they stood out to me for their radical transparency. They meticulously test every formula, clearly label their products, and offer a 60-day return policy. They are also non-GMO certified, Tru-Id Certified, Vegan and manufactured in a GMP food grade facility. This is rare in an industry that is loosely regulated. The origins of their hemp are right here in the States, from family owned farms who use organic and sustainable farming practices. No hidden ingredients of unknown origins here.

FOCL offers products in three different categories: CBD capsules, CBD drops, and CBD relief cream. I looked to the reviews to help me get started and decide what to try first.

“I was skeptical at first, but have found with daily use that I have a wonderful calm focus throughout the day. I don’t stress when things don’t get done and I am able to just keep moving forward. This has been a lifesaver while navigating the “new normal” of Covid-19 stay at home orders.” This is a review from a verified buyer, given in May of this year. What stood out to me the most were the terms “calm focus” and “lifesaver.” I need that.

Cynthia V, another verified buyer, left a similar review in May: “I have certainly had a much better FOCUS throughout my day. Especially with so many distractions. The FOCL Day is amazing. The FOCL Night, on the other hand, has helped me get a full night’s sleep without restlessness. I go to sleep and wake up refreshed!! Great products!”

After reading the above, I didn’t need anymore convincing to try them out. I went with the FOCL Day and FOCL Night bundle, as sleep is just as evasive as focus for me currently.

Their day capsules offer a one-of-a kind CBD wellness stack. Users take two capsules daily to promote calm, focused energy and brain-boosting support. With the support of hemp-derived CBD, FOCL Day helps reduce brain fog, fight off everyday stress and increase your productivity so you can focus on what really matters.

FOCL Night’s serving size is also two capsules. The ultimate plant-powered sleep aid, the blend of CBD and plant extracts are meant to help calm your busy mind, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep, which is the biggest issue I face as I try and reestablish a healthy sleep pattern.

The first thing I noticed, after adding FOCL CBD capsules to my daily routine, was an enhanced mental clarity. The fog had lifted, so to speak, and I felt more alert than I had in weeks.

FOCL Night has definitely helped me to not only fall and stay asleep, but wake up refreshed. I found that my usual morning irritability and grogginess vanished, helping me to start my day calm and focused.

In these stressful times, edges are sharper than ever before. FOCL Day and FOCL Night helped me to not only take the edge off of life, but smoothed out my own edges as well. I am handling work better, meeting my deadlines while staying patient and present with my two year old and one year old boys. Having two toddlers on your quarenteam isn’t easy, especially while working full time. FOCL has given me the boost I need to feel confident and secure in juggling all my responsibilities at once. It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep and focused mind can accomplish!

If you’re feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, try FOCL’s all-natural support to help you handle it all. By incorporating FOCL Day and FOCL night into your wellness routine, you can find the clarity you are looking for, naturally.

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