As a cannabis writer for L.A. Weekly, I’ve tried my fair share of CBD products, from topicals to edibles and everything in between. Since the passing of last December’s Farm Bill I’ve enjoyed a veritable cornucopia of cannabidiol possibilities. But after trying nearly every CBD gummies and CBD capsule on the market, I always return to CBD oil to get me through the day. 

The problem is, there are too many CBD brands on the market. I’ve honestly lost track at this point, but the number is probably in the thousands. That’s why I thought I would take an editorial moment to give a shout-out to my new personal favorite — Cornbread Hemp’s USDA certified organic Whole Flower CBD Oil

As far as I can tell, Cornbread Hemp is the only brand that makes CBD oil from flower-only extraction with USDA organic hemp flower. That’s a level of quality that I haven’t found anywhere else. And for me, the most important factor of any CBD oil is purity. I insist on using only “clean cannabis” products, and USDA certified organic whole flower extract is as clean as it gets. 

Why is clean cannabis so important? First of all, contaminated cannabis products — especially extracts and oils — can cause serious health problems. And secondly, because there is no national certification for clean cannabis, I can only rely on hemp products that are certified organic by the USDA. 

And if it’s a problem for someone like me to find a clean cannabis product I can trust, I know it must be difficult for people busy with the other stuff in their lives who just want the peace of mind that their CBD oil is “clean” and free of contamination. That’s why the USDA organic seal is so important — one glance and I know that a CBD product with that logo meets my standards for clean cannabis. 

Without a doubt, my favorite clean CBD oil comes from Cornbread Hemp. The brand name initially caught my eye because I love cornbread (no shame). But when I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. First, the name “Whole Flower” says it all — it tastes like cannabis flowers. The effect was super chill. And once I got to know the brand and the guys behind it, I became even more impressed.

A family-owned business from Kentucky, Cornbread Hemp’s products are sun-grown sustainably on an organic farm in Kentucky. Their flower-only extraction process uses organic sugarcane ethanol that gives the extract a smooth flavor that I haven’t found anywhere else. If you’re into feeling grounded, relaxed, and reset like I am, this Whole Flower CBD oil is purity in a bottle.

The only ingredients are organic hemp extract and organic MCT coconut oil. There’s no flavorings, sweeteners, or preservatives, which is another great reason why this brand is so great. I’ll never use another flavored CBD oil again. 

By now, I’ve tried their entire catalogue, from topicals to capsules, but being a tried-and-true connoisseur of CBD tinctures, it’s their CBD oil that impresses me the most. Not just for me, though. But for my dog, too. 

My buddy Gus is a whopping 12 years old. Rescued from a puppy mill, my little Jack Russell is not aging well. Basically blind, he’s been getting more neurotic and uncomfortable with time. He’s been prescribed pain medication and anxiety medication, but neither seems to abate his nasty mood and constant irritability. 

I gave Gus some of Cornbread Hemp’s CBD Oil for Pets, which is flavored with vegan corndog flavoring, and Gus loved how it tasted. Within an hour, this mean old puppy was zen. The kids were able to play in the same room without getting growled at, and he enjoyed being petted. Overall, he just looked super relaxed. And in 2020, we all need some relaxation wherever we can find it. 

So, that’s how I fell in love with Cornbread Hemp. Their clean, USDA organic CBD oils bring incredible relief to humans, and the animals we love. And here’s the kicker — why is this brand called “Cornbread” anyway? The story is amazing. 

No joke, the brand’s name comes from the “Cornbread Mafia,” a group of outlaw cannabis cultivators from Kentucky that was busted in the 1980s. Cornbread Hemp co-founder Jim Higdon wrote a nonfiction book about the Cornbread Mafia that became a national bestseller and launched his career in journalism. Seriously, this story is absolutely crazy! The book is available on Amazon, but I’m just waiting for someone to make it into a Netflix series so Gus and I can chill out on Cornbread Hemp and watch it on our couch.

Before I discovered Cornbread Hemp, I just hadn’t found a CBD brand that checked all the boxes — top quality products, a unique brand story, and a clear understanding of its place in cannabis history. Through the Cornbread Mafia story, Cornbread Hemp can draw upon 250 years of Kentucky cannabis history to compliment their California-quality whole flower cannabis oils. It’s the total package. 

If you want a clean CBD product made only from flowers by a brand that cares about cannabis history and culture, I highly recommend Cornbread Hemp.

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