Find Your “Rhythm” With Ringo’s Gift — A Review Of The Ringo’s Gift Hemp Hybrid 

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Not long ago, it was rare to find cannabis cultivars with over one percent of CBD. Indeed, many tokers probably weren’t aware their cannabis strains had any CBD, nor the potential benefits associated with this non-psychoactive cannabinoid. It wasn’t until the 2018 US Farm Bill passed that more cultivators and customers became interested in high-CBD strains. Now that people know more about CBD’s effects, there’s a greater demand for high-quality hemp strains and pre-rolls.

Ringo’s Gift is one CBD-rich strain that has become a staple in the hemp industry. Although this strain started as a 1:1 CBD-to-THC cannabis hybrid, it has become increasingly common in the smokable hemp market. People looking for a non-psychoactive “head buzz” sensation may find a lot to admire with a batch of Ringo’s Gift nugs.

What’s The Deal With Ringo’s Gift Hemp Flower?

Unlike other renowned CBD strains like Cannatonic, we don’t know much about where Ringo’s Gift originated. To this day, there’s debate over what seed bank created the first batch of Ringo’s Gift flowers. We’re not even 100 percent sure who Ringo’s Gift is named after. While most cannabis forums believe this strain honors hemp advocate Lawrence Ringo, it may also be a nod to legendary drummer Ringo Starr.

Despite all of this uncertainty, most cannabis fans agree Ringo’s Gift is a mix of the strains Harle-Tsu and ACDC. Both hybrids have strong reputations for their CBD percentage, which explains Ringo’s Gift’s average CBD content of 20 percent. It’s also well-known that Ringo’s Gift is a hot hemp hybrid in Spain.

Early iterations of Ringo’s Gift used to have THC content just below the CBD levels, but it’s less likely you’ll find high amounts of THC in today’s Ringo’s Gift nugs. Even in states with recreational cannabis laws, Ringo’s Gift tends to have THC well below one percent. If companies want to sell Ringo’s Gift as a legal hemp strain, cultivators must ensure their buds have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

What Does Ringo’s Gift Smell Like?

Many people who try Ringo’s Gift claim it’s a mostly “earthy” strain with hints of citrus, fresh herbs, and spice. Most lab reports suggest Ringo’s Gift has a strong presence of common terpenes like myrcene, alpha-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene. The alpha-pinene probably gives Ringo’s Gift its “earthy” scent, while beta-caryophyllene provides the slight hit of ground black pepper.

It’s also possible Ringo’s Gift inherited the sour terpene limonene from Harle-Tsu. However, citrus is never the dominant flavor in Ringo’s Gift flowers. Customers should expect a woodsy & herby smoke if they try Ringo’s Gift hemp.

What Are Ringo’s Gift’s Standard Effects?

Most lab tests and strain reviews suggest Ringo’s Gift has a slight sativa dominance. While the indica vs. sativa percentages don’t mean as much for hemp as marijuana, they may influence Ringo’s Gift’s standard effects. Indeed, plenty of people who try Ringo’s Gift claim it’s better suited for a daytime smoke, which is in line with typical sativa qualities.

With such a high CBD percentage, Ringo’s Gift won’t make you feel a euphoric “wake & bake” high, but it could produce a gentle head buzz sensation around the temples. Some people also claim Ringo’s Gift gives them an uplifted mood and decreased anxiety. Thanks to the relatively even balance of indica and sativa properties, Ringo’s Gift may be best for social outings or microdosing during the day. People who struggle with focus or fatigue might be the best fit for Ringo’s Gift buds.

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