Film Director Eva Vik Creates Bulgari’s Newest Campaign starring Cailee Spaeny

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In the world of high-end fragrance advertising, Bulgari has once again set a new standard with its latest campaign for Omnia titled Reveal Your Light, featuring the scents Crystalline, Amethyste, and Coral. Behind the lens, director Eva Vik, known for her artistic vision and previous work with the luxury fashion house, has orchestrated a visual narrative against the captivating backdrop of Lisbon.

Vik’s journey in crafting this campaign involved a collaborative effort with the actress Cailee Spaeny, who was recently recognized with the prestigious Volpi Cup for Best Actress for her role of Priscilla Presley in the 2023 biographical drama Priscilla, directed by Sophia Coppola. Together, Vik and Spaeny sought to capture the essence of Bulgari’s luxurious fragrances through sophistication and allure in their creative interpretation of Omnia.

In the campaign titled Reveal Your Light, Vik guided Spaeny as the director while she exuded confidence and authenticity on screen. “She’s a born pro, working with someone so dedicated to acting and character is always a gift,” Vik notes. This partnership allowed the director and actress to delve into the intricacies of character, resulting in a visually compelling campaign for Bulgari that showcases both Vik and Spaeny’s exceptional talent.

Previously acclaimed for her Tribeca X Award and award-winning Bulgari project, Serpentine, featuring the Hungarian topmodel Barbara Sprouse (née Palvin), Reveal Your Light is Vik’s continuation of her creative partnership with the renowned fashion house. Their collaboration is defined by a shared philosophy represented by the serpent symbol, evoking themes of rebirth, elegance, knowledge, and transformation—motifs that Vik states resonate with her cinematic work and Bulgari’s timeless brand identity.

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Vik recently attended the Taormina Film Festival, where Serpentine had its Italian premiere. The event boasted the presence of notable figures like Willem Dafoe, Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Mads Mikkelsen, creating a memorable gathering of industry luminaries.

As the Bulgari Omnia Reveal Your Light campaign gains momentum, anticipation mounts for Vik’s future projects. Beyond her work with Bulgari, Vik is currently in the pre-production phase of her first feature film, a body-horror project promising both visual impact and intellectual depth. Her debut feature film, coupled with forthcoming music videos and commercials, is poised to captivate a global audience as Vik consistently demonstrates her ability to reveal new facets of her creativity with each endeavor she takes on.

Vik’s creative versatility extends across various mediums, encompassing commercials for brands like Oliver Peoples and music videos for artists such as Suki Waterhouse, Palaye Royale, and Fletcher ft. Kelsea Ballerini. Her career has been marked by significant achievements, including her recognition in Forbes’ esteemed 30 Under 30 list in 2021. In addition to her ongoing collaborations with Bulgari, her portfolio boasts an array of notable works, including her acclaimed short films Raven and Maestro, which earned her multiple awards at HollyShorts Film Festival or Independent Shorts Awards, including Best Genre and the Jury Prize for Best Director.

Eva Vik’s commitment to storytelling through film and her talent for collaborating with iconic brands like Bulgari and award-winning actresses like Cailee Spaeny have made a lasting impact on the industry. As she embarks on her venture into feature filmmaking, her unique vision and remarkable talent are set to continue captivating audiences, solidifying her status as a rising star in the world of cinema. With each new project, Vik unveils another layer of her skill as a director, leaving the audience gripped.

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