Felix Demin Shares His Incredible Creations throughout Bali with the World

Felix Demin is a successful multi-sector entrepreneur who shares a profound passion for the business world and traveling. He has traversed various countries across the world. Incredibly, Felix has businesses in different parts of the world and has been to sixty-seven countries.

Part of Felix’s business includes three hotels in Bali under the notable “Bubble Hotel Bali” brand. A state-of-the-art hotel, Bubble Hotel Bali is one of the famous hotels in Bali, and it’s rated among the top 10 most unique hotels in the world by Airbnb. The amenities at the facilities make it one of the top destinations for anyone touring or in Bali. Booking.com uses it to promote Bali as a destination. The hotel has been featured in many TV news segments and videos, even one created by the Hollywood team who made the last Transformers movie.

One of Felix’s notable projects is the “Private Jet Villa” that sits on top of a cliff 150 meters above the ocean. He bought an old Boeing 737 airplane and converted it into a luxury hotel. Since the project’s launch, Felix reports having had more than 200 publications in the world media. He has given interviews about the project to CNN, the Washington Post, Breitbart, Capital, AFP, and Today, in Indonesia. A trendsetter, Private Jet Villa is now called a new tourism icon.

His other investments include Bali Investments, a villa construction company currently building over 20 luxury villas in Ubud, 23 in Uluwatu, and 10 in Canggu. Felix also has investments in the logistics industry with Cargo 21Vek. Felix is present in the tech world, and he is the owner of Vse-dostavki.ru, a leading IT-based company.

“Many people ask how I can live from Bali, operate several business projects in different countries and continue to travel the world (67 countries so far). They ask how in one month I can manage 39 training sessions (surfing, exercise etc.), 25 meditations, take 25 English language classes, read 14 books, introduce two new habits, study 110 self-development articles & videos, develop a new skill, have ample time for my relationships and still lead a fulfilled, happy life.” Felix elaborates.

Felix is driven by the belief that valuable knowledge should be shared. He believes it’s important and necessary for everyone to share their expertise and knowledge. He is known for often sharing tips to find success, which he terms the most precious assets of his career. Felix says that anyone who has a hunger to learn new things stands a better opportunity to become the best versions of themselves.

Far from the business world, Felix is an active sports enthusiast. He is a skilled free-diver and surfing fanatic and competes at the national level. He is also a passionate hiker and book lover, reading about ten books every month.

The born philanthropist aspires to continue touring the world, leaving a positive mark wherever he is. Felix insists he is on a mission to change the outdated system and even has the ambitious goal to create his own country. His goal is to create a system that will help society function more efficiently with more focus on harmonious self-education and happiness.

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