C​loud-based technology is upending the business world as we know. Cloud-based software and applications are spanning over most industries and making the market more accessible and easier to navigate. This holds incredibly true for real estate, and Ottawa-based Feely Group is making cloud-based real estate the new norm through their innovative business and model and offerings.

Based in Canada, the Feely Group quickly narrowed its focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic was disrupting the world. “The way we did business was restricted, and the need to adapt became vital for survival,” explains founder Kevin Feely. “Technology was our safety net, and while real estate was far behind the time, it was time to pivot.”

P​artnering with eXp Realty, The Feely Group utilizes cloud-based software, virtual and augmented reality to deliver an unparalleled experience for buyers as well as sellers. “We have access to the world with the click of a button,” states Kevin. “Why can’t we shop for real estate wherever it is most convenient for us?” Scalable and flexible, Feely Group offers buyers and sellers access to properties whenever they want.

“​When we launched our model, we created a platform that could be available 24/7. As fast as the market moves,” states Kevin Feely, the founder of Feely Group. “We can now bring our showroom to your living room.” With the guaranteed purchase and buyback programs, Feely Group is helping eliminate common and frustrating barriers to homeownership, allowing more and more people to achieve their ultimate dreams.

W​ith a projected 50 million in sales for the fiscal year, Feely Group is making outdated real-estate practices a thing of the past. “In our business, technology is literally opening doors, and we are incredibly proud of what our team has done,” explains Kevin Feely. Through their success, they are changing the new normal in real estate.

LA Weekly